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New Range Rover 2013

The all-new Range Rover is the most capable and most luxurious Land Rover yet. The fourth generation of the unique Range Rover line, the all-new model has been developed from the ground up, capturing the innovative spirit and iconic design of the original model which changed the world of motoring when it was launched over 40 years ago.    more ...

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Land Rover Discovery TDV6 engine failures making headlines
Land Rover Discovery 3 owners for some time now have had some worrying questions about the popular TDV6 engine used in the Land Rover Discovery 3. Sudden ... more...

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Use our Land Rover buyers guides and tips for buying used Landies. Also have a look at the car reviews for Defender, Discovery, Range Rover and Freelander. Then find a used Land Rover with our links to recommended secondhand dealers and online sites. Buy used Landrover ....

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Here you can find Landrover parts, spares suppliers,  service centres and 4x4 accessories and equipment for Land Rovers. Also recommended online Landrover parts retailers and shops. Landrover parts ....

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Your technical guide to Landrover and Range Rovers with service and repair schedules for Defender, Discovery and Series vehicles. Engine, gearbox, diff locker conversions, restorations and 4x4 vehicle recovery and winching. Landrover engines service and repair...

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In models and specs  there are new Land Rovers and Range Rovers with reviews and older classic Landrovers from Series 1 to 3. Some unique Defender and Discovery models and the latest concept and future models from Land Rover. Models and specs..

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4x4 Off Road and Overland Land Rovers

Land Rovers were built for 4x4 off road driving. They are also excellent  overland expedition vehicles. Overlanders have used them for decades to travel in Africa and modify them with equipment for overlanding 4x4 Off road...

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Land Rover Owners are a colourful, from farmers in  Defenders to execs Range Rovers. Land Rovers connect us through clubs, forums, 4x4 trails, trips and around the campfire. Read the stories, share adventures and see the pics. Landrover owners ...

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