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Lightweight Land Rover Series 3 Rebuild


These are pictures and story of a Lightweight Land Rover Series 3 rebuild and restoration project by Carl von Prat. This Landrover lightweight was completely stripped down to the chassis so that the rust could be repaired and painted. Carl took photos throughout this rebuilding process to give an idea of how the restoration was done. He finally ended up with a superbly restored Land Rover lightweight.


Advanced stage of stripping – done some sandblasting as seen on the firewall – chassis already sandblasted and primed with red oxide, messy wiring to be taken out General view of a very messy garage – LW in background with ‘bak’ in foreground – been primed, ‘stone chipped’ and sprayed with probably 4 x matt green coats

Different view at same time – painted to early – decided to strip further – took out brake, clutch and accelerator pedals and assemblies – had them sandblasted and galvanised Messy wiring – POT – I removed about 5 relays, and found melted wires - all this wiring was later cut out, as I have bought a new harness (UK - Autosparks) to install at a later stage
Front section – newly galvanised front bumper with general LR paraphernalia and tools scattered around The story of my life at present – strip something off a Land Rover and find more work to attend too beneath it… that surface rust has to die
Wiring out and I have gotten ‘round to removing the pedals Similar view – excepting a bit of the ‘bak’ visible – the light fittings (and other previously galvanised fittings) had been sandblasted and re-galvanised – where applicable, are now rubber mounted and fitted with stainless steel nuts and bolts
Close-up view – same as previous pic. This pic is of the underside of the ‘bak’ – this has to be the cleanest underside of any SIII in the southern hemisphere – I had the supports sandblasted and galvanised – and have fitted belting between the surfaces – while we are on this pic – does anyone out there have a RH SIII door top?  Mine is a bit tired. 
Me, in my weekend attire, LR # 1 tool nearby Some time later – some days I get despondent as I see no ‘progress’, funny how putting the ‘bak’ on the chassis makes one feel a whole lot better…
The rust – she is gone.  I was amazed at this stage – I had to remove some red oxide in order to weld – I thought an angle grinder with a hard wire brush attachment would remove the paint – think again – this stuff doesn’t come off like this, it just goes ‘shiny’ – eventually I used a grinding wheel to remove the paint I am thinking of using a T#y*t% forklift Donaldson air filter….
Brush painted first coat of Stone chip – have to make sure that all the spots are covered properly – then I will use the proper spray gun to get a covering of decent thickness  The springs are going to be taken out soon – to be replaced with Rocky Mountain Parabolics  – sandblasting etc of these sections on the chassis will be done when the springs are removed.   That ex-SADF towel still works.
 Back in the garage – for me to work, the LW has to be pushed out and at the end of the day, pushed back into the garage – a schlep. Masking tape plastered on the firewall – this is to prevent Stone chip from messing up the ‘cockpit’ area when I spray it from the ‘engine side’ onto the firewall.  The height of the top of the ‘bak’ has me worried – it stands at 1300mm from the ground (the shocks are out and it has stood with no load for months now) – I don’t ever remember it standing so high..
I see one of my next missions (when the LW is finished) – the wall in the background needs to be painted again.
These were taken a few weeks ago - cammo is how it 'stands now'
I have had plench trouble with the 2K paint.  Another story.




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