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Land Rover Defender 130 - Red Bull Events Vehicle

This is the Red Bull Land Rover Defender 130 TD5 name "Bette" and is a Defender with one serious sound system. She is a 4x4 events promotional vehicle for Red Bull and is presently running very well. Her new power source and sound system is very reliable and efficient. Her visual impact is awesome and as 1 of the Red Bull event vehicles she is definitely making South Africa proud.

The Vehicle 

Vehicle: Land Rover Defender 130 TD5 
Colour: Matt black with tinted windows 
Top Speed: 120Km/h 
Cruising Speed: 100Km 
Weight: +-3 tons 
Engine size: 2.5L Diesel 
Height: 1.9m 
Transmission & Drivetrain: Permanent 4x4, 
5 speed manual, low range, centre diff lock

Vehicle Modifications 

Gull Wing door 
Tyres: 4 x 35 inch Mud Terrain BF Goodrich tires 
Suspension: Old Man Emu

The following vehicle modifications were made:

Initial improvements began by spraying her matt black and tinting her windows. Four 35 inch "monster" tyres were used and her suspension was upgraded to the premier "Old Man Emu" suspension.

The rear seats were removed to make way for the sound system equipment box storing the turntables, mixers and CDJs. This box carries two heavy duty sliding trays. The normal Land Rover door behind driver has been converted to a gull wing door which pivots up on two hydraulic arms. The sliding trays pull out from here for a quick and easy set-up.

Sound Equipment 

Consists of: Crown K2 Amplifier 2 x PS10 Nexo speakers 18 inch Subwoofer 4 Vestax DJ Turntables 2 Vestax CDJs 3 Vestax Mixers 1 Berhinger 16 channel mixing desk 1 cordless Shure Mic

Visual Equipment 

External projection system: A 30000 Lumen Projector and rear projection screen which slides out from the rear of the vehicle. We can connect a Playstation or a laptop to this projector.

An internal flip-down LCD Screen has been installed on the passenger side of the vehicle. This has been designed so the passenger can play Playstation or watch DVD's whilst driving or at an event. There is also a surround sound system installed to provide maximum pleasure when enjoying the system. 


The following features were added: 

Electrical Power Supply -Onboard Battery  

16 x 12V Batteries 
2 x Inverters (12V - 220V) 
Full System running - 12 hours usage 
Half System running - 30 hours usage 
8-10 hours recharge time if the full system has been running for 10 hours. 
The whole system is run by a UPS. With the press of a button the power supply is turned on. There is a voltage meter to inform the driver of the current battery voltage. 

Loading Ability 

The back load box holds space for the Nexo PS10s, 2 turntables in flight cases plus any extra luggage the driver and passengers may have. Bikes, boards and other Red Bull infrastructure can be carried on the back as long as it is tired down.



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