An Archive for Fanatics of Land Rovers

An Archive for Fanatics of Land Rovers










Land Rover Owners and their Landies 2


Land Rover Defender130 Camper

Tony Da Silva with his kitted Defender 130 out in the Cape mountains at Perdevlei. Check out the other pic in our cool pics archive

Land Rover Defender in West Coast Dunes

Leon is West cost dunes with his Defender


Burned Out Land Rover Series 3

Pics from Mike:

Here are some photos of my fire fighting experience . The before , burnt out , after photos,

After fighting a massive fire on the farm near Clarens ( Lesotho border) .The landy was fitted with a electric fuel pump with the previous owner running and cable tying the wiring onto the bottom of the chassis. The wiring burnt in the fire , landy stalled , wind turned . Six weeks later I recovered from the burns while bailing out at the last moment. I rebuilt the landy and never trusted it after this. It was promptly sold at a loss and replaced with a diesel landy.


Land Rover Defender and Disco 3 4x4 Off Road in Mpumalanga


Nico Engelbrecht - Two pics of me (Defender 2.8i, 2000) and my friend Danie Fourie (Disco 3 TD, 2006) doing the Riverwild 4x4 trail near Sabie, Mpumalanga. Really a great place and very challenging trail (if you don't own a Land Rover!), the Landies breezed through.

Land Rover Series 2 Rebuild from Tanzania

Gavin sent  a pics of his Series 2 (1959) found on mnt Meru in Arusha - Tanzania. I was looking for an old landy to run around town in when I was invited to an old farm house to look at one that was possibly for sale. Id appreciate it if u could post it on yr website. It was parked in old barn covered in bird sh#t and plenty of dust. We rolled her out into the sunlight to get a closer look only to discover the colour it had been painted. A shocking metallic "apple sours green". (The car was aptly named "Sours". The amazing thing about it was the fact that besides the paint job it was still I recon 99% original. With only the battery missing we quickly put one in along with a liter of petrol and with one simple push of a button the engine turned over within a few tries. (It had apparently been standing for 3 years). To cut a long story short. I had the boy totally stripped, replaced pretty much everything that was weathered with original parts which are in abundance here in Tanzania. The whole process taking me around 9 months which I managed to get on camera. Around 45 photographs.

Land Rover Series 3 Rebuilt

Mellin Moodley a committed LandyOnline reader for the past few years, sent us these pics of his Land Rover rebuild 3years ago

It has
2.5 petrol landy motor
standard gbox
galvanized chassis/firewall
power steering... and a few other extras :)


Range Rover 6x6 Pick-up

Vic Walker from Winklespruit in Natal writes about a Range Rover 6x6 pickup....

I am currently sitting in a place called Al Jubail in Saudi Arabia, and am looking at your web site and feeling very homesick seeing all the Landy pictures.

Strangely not all that many Landy's out here as they (Saudi's) seem to go for Toyota and Nissan. I have seen one interesting Landy, it was a 6 X 6 Double Cab Range Rover. Did not have a camera with so no picture. Another popular small 4 X 4 is the new KIA Sportage 2.5 V 6. They seem to go very well in the sand.

These guys (Saudi's) spend a lot of time on Fridays (Sunday here) with their big 4 X 4's screaming up and down sand dunes. I must admit some of the drivers are very good and the have big ironies to do some of the things they do on the dunes.

Land Rover Defender Overlander

Dr Neil Malan from Cape Town travles Africa in his Defender Overlander.

Defender 130 Off Road in Cape Town

Robin Clayton putting his 130 through some muddy paces at the 4x4 get together at Killarney on Sunday the 6th of April

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