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Land Rover Forward Control Models Specs

Engines. UK IIa models had to make do with the 2.25 petrol only throughout the whole of the run. There were one or two special order 2.6's, but thats it. the 2.6 was, however, the mainstay for the export market. To the best of my knowledge, the diesel was never offered in the IIa. With the IIb, things swapped round a bit. The UK got the 2.6 petrol as standard (the 2.25 became an option), however export models now had the 2.25 as standard with the 2.6 as an option. All markets also got the 2.25 diesel as well. The manufacturing dates on the engines are also for bonneted control models, and nor forward controls.
Gearbox. 1st gear on all models is straight cut (minor detail). The ratios were also revised early on in the run. The ratios you state are for suffix C and on boxes. The earlier (up to B) boxes had ratios of direct, 1.377, 2.043, 2.996 and 2.547. I can't remember exactly when the change over was, but it was around 1963/64.
Transfer box. The ratios you give are for the '1 ton' box, which was, in fact, only used on IIb models. IIa models used the standard bonneted transfer box. Ratios for up to suffix B were 1.148 & 2.888. Suffix C on were 1.148 & 2.350.
Axles. From very early on in the IIa run, ENV axles were optional. I'm not certain, but they might even have become standard by the end of the run. The ENV axles used on the IIb are also wider than those used on IIa models. Also, the fron axle was not moved. It is the rear axle that moved backwards, and then by only 3/4", giving a true wheelbase of 109.75".
Suspension. You forgot to add that IIb models have an anti roll bar at the front, and the rear springs are also moved out by compared to the IIa models.
Dimensions. The track given is for a IIb. The track of the IIa is 1.31m. The width if both models is the same at 1.92m. Kerbweight for the IIb is 1970kg for the 2.6 petrol, and 2043kg for the 2.25 diesel. For both the IIa and IIb models the payload is 1525kg on road, 1270kg off road.

Mark Rumsey


  Series IIA (109") Series IIB (110")
Date of manufacture 1962 - 1966 1967-1972
Chassis suffix-letter a  1962 - mid 1963
b  mid 1963 - 1964
c  1964 - mid 1965
d  mid 1965 - 1966
a  1967 - mid 1968
b  mid 1968 - 1969
c  1969 - mid 1969
d  mid 1969 - 1972
(track, width, length, mass)


(1.36m; 1.74m; 4.9m, 1948kg)


(Type, cc, stroke, compression ratio, power/torque & period)
2.25l 4cyl petrol
(OHV - 2286cc - 90.5x88.9mm - 7:1 - 3 bearing - 50Kw@4250rpm, 157Nm@2500rpm - 1958-1979)

2.25l 4cyl diesel
(OHV - 2286cc - 90.5x88.9mm - 23:1 - 3 bearing - 46Kw@4000rpm, 140Nm@1750rpm - 1961-1979)

2.6l 6cyl petrol
(IOE - 2625cc - 77.8x92mm - 7:1 - 67Kw@4500rpm , 178Nm@1500rpm - 1964 -1972)

Fuel system
(carburettor/injector & pump)
2.25 petrol
(solex or Zenith - mechanical)

2.25 diesel
(CAV DPA distributor type - mechanical high pressure)

2.6 petrol
(SU HD6 - electric)

(name, type & year)
Single helical constant mesh, 3rd & 4th syncromesh -
Gearbox ratios (all given to 1)
(4th, 3rd, 2nd, 1st, reverse)
(direct, 1.512, 2.22, 3.6, 3.02)

see gearbox ratios

Transfer box ratios
(high, low)
(1.53, 2.92)
(size & type)
(9 1/2" , hydraulic)
(differential, Type & ratios)
Front (Rover)
(spiral bevel, enclosed UJ's, 4.7:1)

Rear (Rover)
(spiral bevel, floating shafts, 4.7:1)

Front (ENV)
(spiral bevel, enclosed UJ's, 4.7:1)
Moved forward by 1"

Rear (ENV)
(spiral bevel, floating shafts, 4.7:1)

Suspension Semi eliptic understrung Semi eliptic
front understrung
rear on top of axle
(Type & ratio)
Recirculating ball worm and nut, 19.6:1 straight ahead, 29.9:1 full lock)
(Type, drum, shoe)
hydraulic servo assisted, 11", 3" front, 2 1/4" rear
Max speed & consumption 2.25 petrol
90 km/h, 17-21 l/100km

2.25 diesel
80 km/h, 14-17 l/100km

2.6 petrol
100 km/h, 20-25 l/100km

Body style characteristics Headlight mounted high up, with indicator above and park light below
Rounded rear mud guards
Headlight mounted low down, with indicator and park light above
Squared off rear mud guards 


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