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An Archive for Fanatics of Land Rovers

Land Rover changed the world of motoring when they introduced the 80" Series 1 in 1948, a practical but comfortable multi use vehicle. Since then they have continued to re-invent motoring, the introduction of the Range Rover in 1970 was the next pivotal moment. Creating the luxury SUV concept with both comfort and capability. The Discovery 3 introduction was also pivotal and hugely succesful as they created such a well rounded compelling package of practicallity and comfort. We will look back on 10 September 2019 as another moment like this. This new Defender is positioned to do exactly that, to redefine what a multipurpose modern vehile should be.

The hugely anticipated launch, has left conservative purists horified while captivating the imagination of modern buyers. Sure Land Rover could have updated the old Defender and refined it even more, but that would not have redefined this segment or moved us forward. The new Defender was always going to have to have a modern look, use modern production methods, be more comfortable, use technology and be more relevant to appeal to more buyers. Doing anything less would have been sure to condem the Defender to the archives of motoring history. Instead Land Rover have reinvented an icon that will grow into the future.

The develpment of this new Defender has taken many years. In the end result it is really evident how Land Rover has listened to the market and understood what the requirements are of modern day 4x4 owners. Just some of those considerations are the practical but elegant design, durable materials, adjustable terrain response, off the shelf accessories and the ability to customise and personalise. Most importantly of all they have launched an entire family of vehicles and not just one model with an impressive set of specifications.

The 110 is just the start for this family of the most capable and durable 4x4s in the world. It will be swiftly followed by a compact, short wheelbase 90, before a pair of practical commercial models join the line-up in 2020. Driven by a passion and respect for the original, Defender delivers a transformational breadth of capability. Advanced all-terrain technologies redefine adventure for the 21st century, remaining true to the pioneering spirit that has been a Land Rover hallmark for 71 years. A distinctive silhouette makes the Defender instantly recognisable, with minimal front and rear overhangs providing excellent approach and departure angles. Land Rover’s designers re-envisioned familiar Defender Trademarks for the 21st century, giving the new 4x4 a purposeful upright stance and Alpine light windows in the roof, while retaining the side-hinged rear tailgate and externally-mounted spare wheel that make the original so identifiable.


The New Defender is available in perfectly proportioned 90 and 110 body designs, which share the same short overhangs, with six models available; Defender, S, SE, HSE, Defender X and First Edition, with practical commercial models set to join the line-up next year. Customers can also select from the widest range of accessories ever produced by Land Rover, including a choice of four Accessory Packs: Explorer, Adventure, Country and Urban. These additional characters have been designed to give customers even more choice, all are compelling and equally desirable and demonstrate the ability of this vehicle to embrace different personalities without compromising the integrity of the overall vehicle design.

Defender’s characterful front is tough but approachable, emphasised by the geometric forms of its highly technical headlamps which feature the latest adaptive technology, while beautifully sculptured fenders combined with squared wheel arches and strong shoulders all contribute to the vehicle’s sense of solidity and robustness. At the rear, the geometric forms of the distinctive high-tech lamps harmonise perfectly with the front end design. The sheerness of the rear vertically maintains the short overhang for a superior departure angle, while maximising interior space and accentuating the vehicle’s strong shoulder section. Every detail of the exterior design has been creatively developed to re-enforce Defender’s DNA: sophisticated, durable and extremely tough – a vehicle design like no other.


Defender’s constructivist modular interior architecture communicates its highly functional nature. Underpinned by its practical layout and reductive design. This approach is most evident by the exposed, powder-coated magnesium cross car beam, which is integral to the overall strength of the body architecture. This structural die-cast magnesium alloy beam, which is available in a range of finishes, features integrated grab handles to aid entry but also for a secure grip when the vehicle is performing serious off-road driving. The main controls, including the central touchscreen, are ergonomically clustered within the magnesium frame to enable the installation of an innovative optional front row centre seat while also allowing for movement across the front of the cabin. Practicality is a hallmark of Land Rover interior design and the Defender comes with an abundance of storage opportunities, including a choice of high and low centre consoles.

The durable constructivist theme is consistent throughout the interior with visible fixings that retain the structural door casings while partially exposing the painted doors. This paired-back design philosophy extends to the durable rubberised flooring, which combines with flush door sills to provide genuine mop or brush clean functionality. Other details include cast magnesium features, padded waist rails, grab handles and armrests. The innovative Front Row Centre Seat (otherwise known as jump seat) allows three people to travel in the front row. Conceived and designed as an occasional seat, the practical addition means the Defender 110 can be specified with five, six or 5+2 seating, while the short-wheelbase Defender 90 can accommodate six occupants in a compact family hatchback length body. When not in use, the seatback folds down to provide a front armrest and oddment stowage, including a pair of additional cupholders.

Comfort is also a key part of New Defender, with interior materials focused on retained newness – so even after thousands of miles of adventure the Defender is sure to look and feel fresh. Customers can choose from three interior colour schemes with scope for personalisation, available by mixing these with different interior finish options. Material choices include Resolve textile on standard models, while S and SE trims feature Grained Leather combined with a durable Robust Woven Textile eaturing higher decitex fibres for added strength (in addition to using recycled polyester), in areas subjected to the most wear. This tough and tactile material pays homage to the canvas hoods fitted to early Series Land Rovers. HSE models feature high-grade Windsor Leather, while the Defender X features Windsor Leather in combination with Steelcut Premium Textile accent for enhanced durability. This premium textile from Kvadrat is a 30 per cent wool blend and is also available as a full alternative to the leather upholstery paired with Miko Suedecloth.

With a higher tensile tear strength than conventional materials as well as high breathability, wool naturally regulates the climate keeping you warm in the cold and cool in the heat. These fit-for-purpose materials promise to take off-road thrills and on-road spills in their stride. Customers can also choose from a curated range of veneers and finishes, which include a rugged rough-cut Walnut or Natural Smoked Dark Oak Veneer, both of which are open pore to give a more natural haptic. Powder coating colours available include Dark Grey for the ‘X’ derivative and Light Grey as standard on mainline Defender models, with the option of the product-inspired white for all the exposed metal parts.

Chassis Construction

Land Rover’s new purpose-engineered D7x (for extreme) architecture is based on a lightweight aluminium monocoque construction to create the stiffest body structure Land Rover has ever produced. It is three times stiffer than traditional body-on-frame designs, providing perfect foundations for the fully independent air or coil sprung suspension and supports the latest electrified powertrains. The new Defender doesn’t share a single body-in-white panel with another Land Rover model. This commitment to engineering integrity means the Defender has its own line in body assembly at the new manufacturing facility in Nitra, Slovakia. Raising the position of the body by 20mm compared to Land Rover’s existing range of large SUVs and relocating elements including the battery and cooling circuits, has enabled Land Rover’s engineers to deliver ultra-short front and rear overhangs, which guarantee impressive approach and departure angles of 38 and 40 degrees respectively. With a wheelbase of 3,022mm (99mm longer than a Discovery) the 110 has a breakover angle of 28 degrees (31 degrees for the 90) ensuring excellent off-road geometry*.

The short rear overhang, the same for both body designs, is made possible by mounting the spare wheel externally, rather than under the rear floor, where it is readily accessible off-road, and the trademark side-hinged rear door is engineered to accommodate any of the available wheel and tyre combinations. The comprehensive choice of 18, 19, 20 and 22-inch wheels ranges from utilitarian 18-inch Gloss White Steel rims to 22-inch Gloss Black five-spoke alloy designs. With All-Season or Off-Road tyres available, all with an outside rolling diameter of 815mm, the Defender is available with the biggest contact patch of any Land Rover – for peerless traction and grip in any environment. Specialist Professional Off-Road tyres are also available through Land Rover retailers in selected markets, for customers who need the ultimate capability and robustness.

The monocoque body construction developed for New Defender is the stiffest aluminium body Land Rover has ever produced and able to withstand 6.5 tonnes snatch load through the recovery points. This strong, stiff structure provides the perfect foundations for the 4x4’s advanced all-independent chassis. The sophisticated double wishbone front and integral link rear suspension optimises off-road performance while delivering excellent handling dynamics and comes with a choice of passive coil or Electronic Air Suspension. The familiar suspension layout uses all-new components to deliver world-class durability with new steel subframes and uprated ball joints and bushes that are designed to withstand severe off-road impacts – the wheels can withstand up to seven tonnes of vertical load into the body***. As a result, the Defender delivers an unmatched breadth of capability, combining long-haul cruising comfort and rewarding handling characteristics with immediate responses and peerless off-road performance. Adaptive Dynamics is available with Electronic Air Suspension, allowing customers to fine-tune the driving characteristics. The system’s adaptive dampers monitor body movements up to 500 times per second and respond almost instantaneously to optimise control and comfort. *** Models fitted with 18- and 19-inch wheels and with off-road tyre

Off Road Capability

Defender is truly capable of great things and the front and rear recovery points can withstand up to 10 and 9 tonnes of pull respectively. During its global development programme, Land Rover engineers were able to complete iconic trails in Moab, USA, for the first time, including Hell’s Revenge, the Poison Spider and the Steel Bender Trails. Closer to home, the Defender met Land Rover’s toughest durability standards during testing at the global design and engineering headquarters at Gaydon. As part of these extreme events, the Defender withstood repeated 200mm kerb strikes at 40km/h (25mph)***. * Measured in off-road height *** Models fitted with 18- and 19-inch wheels and with off-road tyres

The introduction of air suspension helps to transform the 4x4’s on-road handling and supports its all-terrain capability, providing an off-road ride height lift of 75mm and supreme ride comfort across all surfaces. An additional 70mm of lift means the air system can raise the body by a maximum of 145mm when needed, while Elegant Arrival automatically lowers the body by 50mm to aid access. The confidence-inspiring and surefooted Defender excels off-road, where its maximum suspension articulation of 500mm comes into its own. It can tackle 45-degree side slopes and inclines of 45 degrees with customary composure, but the biggest transformation comes on the road, where the Defender is engaging and agile. A transformational breadth of capability sets the Defender apart. Permanent all-wheel drive and a twin-speed automatic gearbox, centre differentialand optional Active Locking Rear Differential ensure it has all the hardware required to excel in the soft sand of the desert, the freezing tundra of the arctic and everywhere in between.

Land Rover has introduced a series of technologies to help deliver the capability customers expect from a Defender, including the latest generation of its patented Terrain \Response system. Configurable Terrain Response technology allows drivers to use the touchscreen of the new Pivi Pro infotainment to fine-tune every aspect of the vehicle to suit its precise surroundings*. In the original Defender, drivers could lock the central differential manually using the high-to-low range gear selector.

In the New Defender, drivers can prevent cross-axle slip using the Centre Slip Limited and Centre and Rear Slip Limited options on the central touchscreen controller. In addition, there is a choice of three settings for the throttle and gearbox response, steering and traction control, allowing experienced off-roaders and all-terrain novices to tailor the vehicle set-up to suit their requirements. The system allows four individual profiles to be saved, so different drivers can quickly activate their preferred settings. Alternatively, the intelligent Auto functionality of Terrain Response 2 can recognise the surface and configure the vehicle appropriately with no input from the driver.

The Defender is also the first Land Rover to feature a Wade programme within the Terrain Response 2 menu. The new setting automatically softens the throttle response, sets the heating and ventilation to recirculate cabin air, locks the driveline and adjusts the ride height to its off-road setting while activating the Wade Sensing screen on the infotainment system. This allows drivers to see the depth of surrounding water and provides ultimate confidence when fording deep water – allowing drivers to take full advantage of the Defender’s world-class maximum wading depth of 900mm. When exiting Wade programme the Defender automatically drags the brakes, momentarily, to clean and dry the discs and ensure optimum braking performance is restored quickly after driving through deep water. Land Rover’s advanced All-Terrain Progress Control and ClearSight Ground View technologies also support drivers in extreme off-road situations, removing the stress of maintaining a low crawl speed and showing the hidden area directly in front of the vehicle using the central touchscreen.

New Defender is the first Land Rover to introduce next-generation braking technology which provides quicker and quieter responses than conventional systems, improving safety and enhancing the driving experience. An actuatorcontrolled piston operated by the foot pedal applies braking effort, delivering much finer control. The system comes into its own during low-speed off-road manoeuvres and, when the Traction Control and Autonomous Emergency Braking systems are triggered, it can lock a wheel within only 150 milliseconds – versus 300 milliseconds with a conventional set-up. In everyday use, the benefits include Hill Launch Assist with Enhanced Hill Hold, so the vehicle is prevented from rolling back on inclines – leaving the driver to focus solely on pulling away and negotiating objects ahead – with a smoother transition from the brakes to power in all environments.

LENGTH - 4,758mm (5,018mm with spare wheel)
WIDTH - 2,008mm (door mirrors folded)
HEIGHT - 1,967mm
WHEELBASE - 3,022mm (2,587mm for 90)
REAR OVERHANG - 891mm (1,151 including spare wheel)
BREAKOVER ANGLE - 28° (31° for 90)
MAXIMUM ROOF LOAD - 168kg / 300kg (dynamic / static)
MAXIMUM TOWING WEIGHT - 3,720kg (NA only – 3,500kg, UK, Europe and ROW)
MAXIMUM PAYLOAD - 900kg (110 P400)

Full new Defender specifications

Powertrain, Engines and Transmission

New Defender will be available with a wide range of powertrains including Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV) and Hybrid Electric VehicleMild (MHEV) technologies and a range of advanced and efficient Ingenium petrol and diesel engines, all fitted with intelligent Stop/Start technology to minimise emissions.*

The advanced P400e PHEV powertrain will join the range next year and with it comes the promise of silent zero emissions driving in EV mode. At launch, diesel power comes from a choice of four-cylinder D200 or D240 engines, with sequential twin turbo technology providing 430Nm of torque to optimise performance and economy. The D200 delivers fuel economy of 37.2mpg (7.6 l/100km) and 0-100km/h in 10.3 seconds (0-60mphin 9.9 seconds) while the more powerful D240 matches the 200PS for efficiency while accelerating from 0-100km/h in 9.1 seconds (0-60mph in 8.7 seconds). Both provide competitive CO2 emissions of 199g/km (NEDC equivalent).º Petrol customers will be able to choose between a turbocharged four-cylinder P300 engine and an efficient six-cylinder P400 MHEV powertrain. The 300PS unit uses an advanced twin-scroll turbo for smooth performance and efficiency, accelerating from 0-100km/h in 8.1 seconds (0-60mph in 7.7 seconds) with CO2 emissions as low as 227g/km (NEDC equivalent).º

The state-of-the-art MHEV powertrain harvests energy normally lost during deceleration and redeploys it to optimise efficiency. The in-line six-cylinder Ingenium petrol features both a conventional twin-scroll turbocharger and an advanced 48-volt electric supercharger, with a beltintegrated starter motor in place of the alternator to assist the petrol engine, and a 48-volt lithium-ion battery to store energy captured as the vehicle slows down. In combination, these advanced technologies provide 400PS and 550Nm of torque, 0-100km/h in 6.1 seconds (0-60mph in 5.8 seconds) and fuel consumption as low as 29.4mpg (9.6l/100km) with CO2 emissions of 220g/km (NEDC equivalent).º All engines drive through a smooth and responsive eight-speed ZF automatic gearbox and twin-speed transmission, to provide a set of low-range ratios essential for towing or off-road driving when more control is required. * Market dependent

Loadspace & Towing

The Defender’s strong body architecture helps customers make more of their world, whether they want to tow heavy loads or carry them, with a comprehensive range of roof racks and tow bar systems, and a maximum towing capacity of 3,720kg. State- of-the-art technologies include Advanced Tow Assist, which takes the stress out of difficult reversing manoeuvres by letting drivers steer trailers with their fingertips using a rotary controller on the central console. New for Defender, the intelligent set-up works with 3D visualisation on the central touchscreen. The ultra-strong body is ready for overland adventures, with a maximum roof load of 168kg making it perfectly suited to both camping trips and visits to the hardware store. The 300kg maximum static roof load allows adventurous souls to make use of the expedition-ready pop-up roof tent, turning Defender into an all-terrain home from home.

The rear loadspace delivers customary Defender practicality with the 110 providing up to 1,075-litres when using the full height. Folding the row-two seats provides a generous maximum load volume of up to 2,380 litres and, with a maximum payload of up to 900kg (110 P400), the Defender lives up to the practical heritage of its iconic predecessors.**** **** All figures for five-seat configuration. When optional third row seats are fitted, 231 litres, 916 litres and 2,233 litres respectively

The second-row seatbacks are split 40:20:40 for maximum flexibility, while loadspace rails on the floor of the luggage space come with a range of load retention accessories to prevent smaller items from moving around inside. A lockable Security Box provides added protection on overland adventures – the heavy-duty steel box secures to the loadspace rails and is big enough to hold laptops, tablets and other valuables†. In addition, all Defenders feature a lockable 5.8-litre glovebox and deep door pockets. The exposed cross car beam also doubles as a shelf to provide 6.9 litres of open oddment stowage.

Defender has always been the perfect companion for outdoor adventures and the new model is no different. The clip-in loadspace cover is designed to double as a ground mat for picnics or when changing mucky footwear on wet surfaces. The hose-clean and machine washable material is another example of Defender’s rugged and practical design. The versatile loadspace is both big and clever. A switch panel inside the rear door allows customers to adjust the rear ride height of the Electronic Air Suspension and operate the deployable towbar, for simple trailer hitching, when fitted. Customers can also choose detachable and multi-height tow bar designs, allowing them to make full use of the Defender’s 3,720kg** maximum towing weight. Reinventing and updating the hoseclean interior of old Series and Defender models, New Defender also features a durable rubber floor with flush fitting sills, allowing customers to brush or wipe the interior clean after muddy or dusty adventures. Customers can specify carpet inserts for a more premium look and feel, but these are easily removed to reveal the durable flooring beneath when necessary.


Advanced Electrical Vehicle Architecture (EVA 2.0) underpins connected tech, making the Defender an all-terrain super-computer
Software-Over-The-Air updates for up to 14 electronic control modules means the Defender will get better with age and even fix itself remotely
Jaguar Land Rover’s new Pivi Pro software debuts in Defender. Latest system is always on, making it faster and easier to use while allowing customers to connect two smartphones at once**
Intuitive 10-inch touchscreen with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility delivers enhanced user experience and broader range of functions**
Waterproof and wearable Activity Key watch works independently of the state-of-the-art fob, allowing customers to lock and unlock the Defender from their wrist
ClearSight Ground View and ClearSight Rear View help you see more with 3D on-screen visualisation when using the Advanced Tow Assist and Wade Sensing systems
Full colour Head-up Display provides on and off-road information with new video capability putting important information directly in front of the driver
Using an app on their smartphone, owners can remotely keep track of the fuel level, location and journey history of their vehicle, as well as the ability to heat or cool the Defender

To maintain rearward visibility, all new Defenders that are fitted with the front jump seat also feature ClearSight Rear View technology. At the touch of a button, the frameless interior mirror switches from a conventional mirror to a digital screen showing a feed provided by a high-definition, rear-facing camera mounted high at the back of the vehicle.

A Driver Assist Pack includes Adaptive Cruise Control and Rear Pre-Collision Monitor, which alerts following drivers who are failing to slow down by automatically flashing the hazard lights, as well as Blind Spot Assist, Rear Traffic Monitor and Clear Exit Monitor. The comprehensive list of driver assistance technologies includes Emergency Braking, Lane Keep Assist, Traffic Sign Recognition, Cruise Control and Speed Limiter functions, a Driver Condition Monitor and front and rear Parking Aids, while the advanced chassis control features are supported by an ultra-fast Flexray network. Customers can also choose from six speaker, and 10 and 14-speaker (both plus subwoofer) MeridianTM sound systems delivering 180W, 400W or 700W of amplifier power, providing rich sound quality for all occupants.

A comprehensive supply of charging sockets throughout the cabin will keep occupants charged and connected at all times, whether using digital devices to stream music or camping accessories to provide home comforts in remote locations. The loadspace also includes an additional 12-volt socket while a three-pin 230V domestic socket is also available. Thoughtful touches include the availability of USB sockets on the front seatbacks, specifically positioned to allow second-row occupants to charge devices while using the optional Click and Gotablet holders.


The comprehensive range of accessories can also be purchased separately including the innovative Exterior Side-mounted Gear Carrier, which aligns with the Defender’s distinctive floating pillars** and is perfect for holding mucky equipment. The lockable stowage pod has been aerodynamically tested to minimise wind noise and withstand extreme conditions and its 24-litre capacity can support up to 17kg, making it perfect for storing muddy boots or soggy wetsuits, without soiling the interior. Personal experiences and adventures are part of the Land Rover landscape and Defender maintains this rich heritage, allowing customers to personalise their vehicle to fit their lives with more choice than ever before. The most accessorised and personalised Land Rover ever produced will be available in 90 and 110 body designs and Defender, S, SE, HSE and Defender X trim levels, while customers can choose from a range of four Accessory Packs to give the rugged new 4x4 a unique character. A choice of 170 individual accessories means the chances of finding two identical Defenders is remote while Land Rover’s new Above and Beyond Collection of outdoor performance apparel and equipment delivers the same durability and toughness as the Defender.

Conquer unmapped extremes with a Raised Air Intake, lightweight 36kg Expedition Roof Rack** and an Exterior Side-mounted Gear Carrier. Front and Rear Classic Mud Flaps, Wheel Arch Protection and a Spare Wheel Cover provide extra ruggedness while a Matte Black bonnet decal, featuring 90 or 110 cut-out detailing, completes the Explorer Pack’s head-turning appearance. Customers can also upgrade the Explorer Pack with Fixed Side Steps and a Deployable Roof Ladder, while the Front Expedition Protection System adds a Front Undershield and ‘A’-Frame Protection Bar with raised corners toimprove the front approach angle.
A Portable Rinse System with a 6.5-litre pressurised water reservoir, boot-mounted Integrated Air Compressor and Exterior Side-mounted Gear Carrier equip New Defender for time spent in the wilds. Protection is enhanced by Front and Rear Mud Flaps, a Spare Wheel Cover and a Bright Rear Scuff Plate, to guard the rear bumper against scrapes and scratches when loading and unloading, while a practical 20-litre Seat Backpack, which you can take with you when you leave the vehicle, completes the interior.
Designed for time spent off the beaten track, the Country Pack features rugged Wheel Arch Protection, a Bright Rear Scuff Plate to protect the top of the rear bumper and Front and Rear Classic Mud Flaps. A Portable Rinse System and Full-Height Loadspace Partition equip the interior for everyday adventures.
To stand out in the concrete jungle, the Urban Pack adds a Bright Rear Scuff Plate, Spare Wheel Cover and Front Undershield***, while Bright Metal Pedals add to the robust interior. Customers can then opt for a range of alloy wheel upgrades, including a distinctive 22-inch five-spoke design. A selection of Side Tubes and both Fixed or Deployable Side Steps are available across all four Accessory Packs alongside a full range of durable, deep-sided rubber mats to protect the interior.

New Land Rover Defender 2020 Specifications vs Old Defender Classic and Discovery 3/4

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