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Land Rover 2.25 4cyl Performance Upgrade

The Land Rover 4 cyl 2.25 litre engine was one of the most popular and long lasting engines produced. This Land Rover engine has a lot of potential locked away inside and there are several option for upgrading the 4cyl engine performance.

For about the same price of a set of tyres, you can fit the following to a regular 4 cyl engine and have greatly improved performance and economy:

Performance Cam: Better top end and torque, no loss in low end torque at all.

High Compression Cyl head : Increase compression to around 9:1 without affecting reliability

Higher flow carb like Weber 34ICH, 36 DCD or Zenith equivalent
The carbs are no longer available new - or very difficult to find. The only carb options are a new Chinese or genuine Zenith carbs which work very well but are not performance enhancing above the standard

Performance exhaust Manifold: Branched and tuned exhaust manifold to replace the cast iron original
These old manifolds are no longer readily available. Consider a branch manifold with a 4 - 2 - 1 design which improves both mid range and high end torque and power without reducing torque or power at low revs. It is made of 2mm Mild steel with 10mm flanges.
The manifold replaces the standard cast iron manifold eliminating that nasty constantly leaky exhaust fitting. 

Free-Flow pipe work and silencer : Help the engine get rid of old exhaust gasses better. You will need the services of the local exhaust shop to fit the remainder of your exhaust system to the branch manifold. It is, however recommended that you have a full 63mm free-flow system fitted at the same time to reap maximum benefit.

Out of the above list the cam upgrade gives the best performance increase, the higher compression head is second in line.

The carb  mod is worth the extra money, especially if the existing carb is a Solex.

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