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Land Rover A-Frame Ball Joint Replacement

The rear "A" frame on a Land Rover Defender 110 and Range Rover connects the axle centre point to the chassis to prevent sideways and torsional movement.

Clonk noise when pulling off or accelerating after slowing down, also when braking after accelerating. This suspension clonk is especially noticeable in a Defender.

To replace this ball joint you will need:
Appropriate spanners/sockets
Firm bench mounted vice
Large hammer
Hack saw
NEW ball joint (Quality varies - be careful)

1. Remove the split pin retaining the ball joint nut.
2. Loosen but don't remove the nut
3. Remove the two bolts and nuts holding the two "A"
    frame arms to the ball joint carrier.
4. Knock the ball joint and carrier out of the axle seat
    from below. Remove the nut and take the carrier to
    the bench vice.
5. Remove the two securing bolts and carefully cut off
    the wings of the old ball joint, taking care not to
    damage the carrier.
6. Invert the carrier and support it in the vice so that the
    threaded holes are resting on the vice jaws and the
   ball joint is free to be beaten downwards.
7. Using suitable spacers beat the rounded end of the
    ball joint until it is free of the carrier.
8. To fit the new ball joint, get two, long, fully threaded
     bolts with the same thread as the originals.
9. Fit the bolts and tighten gently. Tighten the bolts
    firmly and then tap the ball joint until the bolts are
    loose, continue the procedure until the ball joint is in
    firmly. Do not bend the wings of the new ball joint.

Once the joint is firmly fitted to the carrier, fit the retaining bolts and reverse the removal procedure.

The bolt must be checked one week after final fitting, they sometimes loosen a little and need a "retorque"


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