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Land Rover Tdi Engine Reliability and Longevity

There have been many stories from people reporting blown overheated Tdi engines and major breakdowns requiring costly repairs and/or replacement engines. All this appears to be happening well before 100 000 km. Especially the die hard V8 fans are claiming poor reliability and longevity of the Tdi engine and even poor long term economy due to the costly repairs required.

So we decided to create a Land Rover Tdi Longevity register, see the table below. We have received about 150 individual responses from vehicle owners. The final list is posted below so feel free to draw your own conclusions. Thanks to all the contributors who have assisted in providing valuable information to other owners. If you have a Tdi with a higher mileage than than the highest on this register, please let us know mail us.

Since this survey was done in the late 90s, the Tdi engine has gone on to prove itself as one of the most reliable and trusty engines produced. It is the engine of choice for overland travellers and those taking their vehicles into the remote parts of Africa. 

Land Rover Tdi Timing Belt Issues

The timing belt on 300Tdi engines fitted to Defender and Discovery and Range Rover, suffererd from premature wear due to miss alignment of some of the guiding pulleys. If serious this manifested itself before the 60000km change interval.

Land Rover issued a technical bulletin No. 0008, on 25
March 98. This bulletin details the fitment of one of two possible rectification kits, depending on model numbers. Where the kits have been installed workshops are instructed to paint a 2cm
square yellow block on the upper left side of the timing cover.

Kit 1 (Part no. STC4095K) to be fitted to:
Discovery MA 081991 - TA 200000, MA 500000 - VA 542370, TA 700000 - VA 711273
Defender MA 939976 - VA 101256
Range Rover MA 647645 - MA 664120.

This kit contains; front cover, timing belt, crankshaft gear, tensioner, idler, FIE pump bracket, side cover, gaskets, dowels and fasteners.

Kit 2 (Part no. STC4096K) to be fitted to:
Disco VA 542371 - VA 558898, VA 711274 - WA 748935
Defender VA 101257 - VA 129096

This kit contains; timing belt, crankshaft gear, tensioner, idler, gaskets and fasteners. Also a crank shaft seal for Discovery VA 548520 - VA 558898, VA 716697 - WA 748935
Defender VA 107351 - VA 129096


Mileage ('000km) Vehicle Year Major repairs Servicing Name
338 D119 1998 338K a chip from one of the exhaust valves jammed the turbo. Removed the head and decided to overall the enire engine   Richard Von Berg
303 D110 1996 Engine sucking oil, replaced engine APR Pierre Craven
295 D 110 1994 none, cambelts APR Michael Holford
290 D 110 1997 none APR Paul Balmforth
283 D110 1997 Starter, alternator APR Jan van Blerk
276 D 110 1994 none API jeff allen
275 RR M 1994 none APR Hercu vd Walt
250 Disco M 1993 2 head gaskets, cambelt every 45k APR Richard Millward
243 Disco M 1993 none APR J van Deventer
240 D 110 1995 none APR Gawie Botha
240   1993 Turbo replaced at 200k PR Jacques Swart
240 D 110 1994 Injectors and viscous fan 230k. Engine siezed after radiator plug cracked at 240k. APR Marc Lurie
238 D130 1994 Water pump APR John Costello
227 Disco A 1994 none, cambelts API Andrew
226 D 110 1996 Injectors 225k, vacuum pump 130k, APR A Greenway
220   1994 Timing belt broke 180k, push rods replaced APR Bazzle
220 D110 1994 Injector pump 200k, water pump replaced at 110k APR  
211 Dico M 1992 Head gasket,Alternator,water pump,timing belt idlers, APR Chris Dunkley
207 D 110 1994 none APR Kosta Tutunovic
205 D110 1997 head gasket failed & replaced 120 000km PR since 70k David Coonan
202 Disco M 1995 none A david
200 D 110 1994 Still only Vacuum brake pump 183k APR Ian Basset
200 Disco M 2000 none A jose luis fonseca
199 Disco M 1996 none API Steve Sorrill
198 Disco M 1995 Turbo elbow 197k, cambelts every 60k A van Tornout
197 D110 1996 Vacuum pump API Hennie vd Walt
197 Disco A 1995 New glowplugs at 185k APR Johan Schoonraad
196 D 110 1995 vac pump, rings, pulleys API Deon van Vuuren
195 D110 1995 vacuum pump 86 000 km PR since 86k Geurt Bloem
186 Disco M 1995 none APR Vic de Bruyn
182 D110 1994 none APR Jimbo
180 Disco M 1997 Head gasket, recon starter motor, cambelt kit every 60k A Ian Smit
176 D110 1993 none PR Jurgens de Jager
175 D 110 1994 none A Deon Kriek
172 Disco M 1993 none APR Chris Fletcher
171 D 90 1996 rocker shaft due to pulley failure, poor fitment, injectors 140k APR J van den Heever
169 Disco M 1992 Turbo replaced APR Frode Haaland
169 D110 1993 160k, starter, fuel injectoe pump APR Tommy Abdy Collins
165 D 110 1993 none APR Matthew Woodhead
165 D 110 1997 Blow by PO at 60000 -- water hose burst.  API Paul Nash
160 Disco M 1994 none A Cymon Charnley
157 Disco 1997 no problems   via Hennie
156 Disco M 1997 timing belt 90k, rocker arm bolt 113k, fuel pump 140k, turbo pipe 153k A Dick Wardle
154 D110 1995 none APR Johan van Zyl
152 D110 1995 no engine problems (clutch) A Patrick de Waal
151 D 110 1996 head redone at 140K, servicing A Gordon Wright
150   1993 none PR Fanie Dreyer
150 D 110 1996 none APR Fred Johnson
150 D110 1996 Cambelt & kit #2 @ 80+140k; Turbo elbow pipe @ 90k; Aircon pulley bearings x 2; Fanbelt idler pulley bearing @ 140k APR Jim Attrill
150   1996 Drive shaft after universal failure 145k APR Werner Stoltze
146 D110 1996 110k vacum pump APR Francois van Driel
146 D90 1996 none A Gavin Smith
145 D110 1996 Vacum pump, fuel pump APR Eddie
141 D110 1996 Cambelts & squeaky belts APR Gary Bauer
140 D110 1995 None APR Andy K
140 D 110 1996 none APR Detlev Friemelt
140 Disco M 1997 none A Gerhard Van Rensburg
140 D110 1998 Engine pulley, water pump APR J Myburgh
140 D110 1997 Rocker arm caps 80k, idler pully, cambelt 100k APR Jason Grimbeek
140 D110 1997 none APR Pieter Swart
140 D110   crank at 80k & 100k, turbo at 110k due to water intake   Riaan Botes
139 Disco M 1996 none A RA ISEMONGER
137 D 110 1996 Major rebuild.Pistons, rings big ends, mains etc. Cylinders 3 & 4 excesive wear, big ends and mains down to copper. A Anton
137 D110 1996 injectors replaced 125k, no performance change PR since 20k Chris Curry
137 Disco M 2000 none APR Gavin Li
135 D90 1996 none APR Bruce Williamson
135 D110 1995 none A Maurice
134 Disco M 1995 drive belt and idler tensioner at 128k 2001 A Mark Smith
132 D 90 1996 Idler pully on aircon belt 125000 APR Philip van Staden
132 Disco M 1992 Vacum pump at 111k A Pieter Gouws
130 D110 1996 axle shaft and flanges 120k, belt drive 130k APR Hendrik vd Hoven
130 D 110 2000 none A J de Klerk
128 D90 1997 none APR Johan de Waal
127 D90 1996 vacum pump and power steering A Mathew
126 Disco M 1996 Vacum pump, oil leak thrust bearing seal A Ben Nel
125 D110 1997 none APR David Topham
125 D 110 2000 none APR Derik Liebenberg
125 D110 1996 none (gearbox replaced 50k) A Hennie vd Berg
125 D110 1994 none APR Mike Stead
125 D 90 1996 Water Pump APR Nico van der Walt
123 D 110 1997 Idler pulley at 85k and 91k, electrical harness at 113k A Howard Richardson
122 D 110 1995 100k - Replaced waterpump and cambelt APR Pieter Malan
121 D 90 1996 none A Thomas Marais
120 D110 1995 none APR D Stickells
120 D 90 1997 power steering pulley API gasco
120 D110 1998 none A Paul Donague
120 D110 1996 Idler pulley at 120k A Tom Fouche
120 D130 1996 Turbo replaced at 20k APR Trevor Mooi
118 Disco M 1996 Idler pulley bearing APR Des Anfield
117 D 110 1998 none A Gerhard van der Merwe
116 Disco A 1995 none A brettoz
114 D110 1996 water pump APR Frank Theron
114 D 110 1996 none A Vin Botha
112 D110 1997 none A P Potgieter
112 Disco M 1997 none A Rick Z
112 D90 1997 none APR Alan Cotton
111 D90 1996 vacuum pump at 105 000 km API Alex van der Horst
110 D 110 1998 none A Darryl Lampert
110 Disco 1994 none APR  
108 D110 1995 worn idler pully APR Adrian Brewster
108 D 110 2000 80k water pump replaced APR Wayne Locker
106 D 90 1996 Aircon blower 95k, Aircon idler bearing at 20k, 60,85, 100k A P Botha
105 D130 1996 Cambelt 80K Alternator 90&95K; Injector pump 230k, Water pump at 160k APR Willem Coetsee
104 D110 1997 none A Deon Cupido
102 Disco M 1999 none APR Jacob Jordaan
102 Disco M 1998 none API Michael Slabber
100 D110 1998 none API Jacques la Grange
100 Disco M 1996 Zeus gear timing kit APR Jaenne vd Westhuizen
100 D110 1997 cambelts, injectors at 72k, idler pulley 90k, timing cover gasket 92k Agents only Mike Ilsley
Servicing: A - Agents, APR - Agents &  private regular, API - Agents & private irregular
Blowout Register
Mileage ('000km) Vehicle Year Major repairs Servicing Name
3 D110 1998 Radiator hose not fitted properly, engine overheated, & replaced, now 70k no problems A Pieter Coetzer
36 Disco M 1994 Radiator hose failure, engine re-built A Daavide Sala
51 D 110 1997 Turbo failed A Jan Coetzee
60 Disco M 1997 engine replacement A marius
65 Disco M 1996 Engine fire, all wires, plastic & insulation replaced API Antonio Almeida
67 D110 1997 Broken timing belt, bent rocker arms, valve stems & cracked head A Stephan de Lange
72   1996 Engine replaced A Gillian Wood
72 Disco 1997 engine replaced A Potch
74 D 110 1997 Engine rebuilt; overheated A David Becker
74 Disco M 1996 65K Vacuum pump, 72K seizure due to waterpump gasket, incl new turbo & recon engine. APR Bennie Warnich
80 D90 1997 1st engine 60k due to overfueling 3 replacements upto 80k due to rockers A Rudi Botha
82 Disco M 1996 Overheated, conrod bolts came loose, engine to be overhauled A Krish Naidoo
87 D90 1996 87K Cambelt broke API Frans Oeschger
88 Disco A 1995 Engine replaced at 26k, then redone at 86k and 88k due to overgeating APR Wayne Zonneveld
98 D 110 2000 Overheated due to plastic radiator leak, engine rebuild A C Adamson
99 Disco M 1995 Pistons, Turbo, crankshaft APR Kinyua Wilson
100 D110 2000 Complete engine rebuild A D Rebe
110 Disco A 1995 2 engines overheated A Sven Thonell
111 Disco M 1997 Radiator hose went, engine overheated, head replaced. Pulleys replaced A Grant
112 Disco M 1998 Replace engine after Top Gasket blew, overheated A Schernall Duffield
115 D110 1996 Timing belt replaced at 92k, broke at 114k, replaced pushrods, rockers, turbo 96k, injector pump 116k A S Murphree
120 D110 1998 Timing belt at 60k, Turbo 65k, New engine 70k, Steering pump 75k, Idler pulley & bearings several times. New motor at 125k, trade in for TD5 CSW A Derek Smit
120 Disco 1996 1st engine replaced at 65k, due to overheating   Farmer Paul Pietersberg via
120 Disco M 1997 Cambelt broke, pushrods, rockers. Cambelt alignment mods done previously.  Johan Marais
131 D90 1996 Cylinder head gasket failed, replaced cylinder head APR Malcolm Timberlake
146 Disco M 1996 blow at 146 000km. A Louis Melis
150 D 90 1997 Headgasket failed APR Antonie van Staden
154 D110 1995 104k vehick fel over & restarted, engine damage 112k engine overheated, plastic cap and water pump leak - engine replaced A Chris Pienaar
160 D110 1995 Engine rebuild at 60k due to coolant loss APR Paul Nash
160 D110 1996 Oil pump failed, engine seized APR Sean Barker
161 D110 1997 Broken cambelt 140k, replaced pushrods and rocker cover, clutch 120k A Vincent
180 D 110 1995 conrod broke through block turbo & subassembly replaced A Vandre Nel
182 D110 1996 Head gasket, cracked cylinder head from overheating A Daan Jacobs
192 D 110 1993 none API Neil van Tonder
197 D110 1996 Water pump broke, engine overheated, engine rebuilt A Barto du Plessis
218 D110 1996 Engine overheated, head gasket blown, head cracked A Nick Hartley
220 Disco M 1994 Been cooked at 200k had a C/O head fitted APR Jeremy Cooke
226 Disco M 1995 Crank bent A Steve Wallin


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