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LandyOnline offers an excellent platform to advertise your product to a focused Land Rover, off road and overland travel audience. Our paid advertising option is simple and easy to use and guaranteed to generate valuable exposure for your brand and traffic to your website.

LandyOnline is a quality content driven website covering all aspects of Land Rovers with a focus on Africa. This content rich website is search optimised to maximise web traffic and offers advertisers a unique targeted audience.

The site serves as the ultimate resource and guide to Land Rovers in South Africa. It is updated regularly with new stories, vehicle info, classifieds and other Land Rover information online.

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Latest statistics

LandyOnline is the largest and the most comprehensive Land Rover related website in Africa and consistently ranks in the top 10 of the major search engines, Google, Yahoo and BING. Our website continues to grow every month as we continually update the site with quality Land Rover related content.

January 2010 per month
Total page impressions: 312 330
Total Visits: 46 440
Unique visitors: 33 388

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LandyOnline History

LandyOnline is a website dealing with Land Rovers in Southern Africa and Africa. LandyOnline was formed through the amalgamation of three websites Brian's Africa Travel Guide, Alan's Land Rover Page and the GMC conversion pages. The world wide web became available in South Africa in 1994, soon after which Brian was one of the first to publish a South African Land Rover website in 1996. Brian also initiated the first few pages of the LROC SA website, which Alan then took over in 1998 and turned it into the most visited unofficial Land Rover website in Africa. The first few years were spent becoming familiar with not only web site design, hosting and publishing but also with Land Rovers and their owners and users on the internet.

Although 4 years does not seem like a long time, in the rapidly changing world of the internet it is almost an eternity. Getting the early exposure on the internet has been vital to the success of LandyOnline through the establishment of personal, business and website connections throughout the world wide Land Rover internet community.

LandyOnline has been growing steadily ever since it went online in February 2000. The initial site started with about 40 pages, 4mb in size. A year later the site had more than doubled in size with more than 100 web pages exceeding 12mb in size. In 2007 the site continued to grow, consisting of over 350 pages and 78mb in size. In 2010 LandyOnline celebrated its 10th birthday.

From the start the response has been excellent with many e-mail compliments, comments and queries being received. Currently an average of 3 e-mail queries are handled daily. Information obtained from the queries is fed back into the site to benefit visitors.

LandyOnline has grown to become one of the most popular Land Rover resource sites on the internet. We have had to upgrade our hosting services to deal with the increased traffic. To supplement the running costs of the site we recently introduced GoogleAds successfully as well as paid for advertising and a paid classifieds service Landy Picture Ads. The site consistently ranks in the top 10 of the major search engines and is a favourite for return visitors.. 
Vital stats for 1st year (2000)
Total page impressions
100 000+ 
Best month
Jan 2001 15 474 impr
No. web pages
Total size
12.9 mb
Most visited sections
Forum, Locals, Techtalk and classifieds
Vital stats for 7th year
Total page requests
595 000 + 
Best month
Jan 2006 57 957 page  requests
No. web pages
Total size
78 mb
Most visited sections
For Sale, Market Place, Techtalk and Forum


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