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An Archive for Fanatics of Land Rovers

Land Rover owners are as unique as the vehicles that they drive yet they all have something in common, being a Landrover owner. It is something that binds them together in an unexplainable way. This was demonstrated at a record attempt at gathering the most Land Rovers with their owners together to form the longest Landrover convoy record. Assembled there was every type of owner and vehicle possible. As the range of vehicles expand so do the types of owners. The traditional rugged utilitarian workman type owner is making way for the more sophisticated individualistic and adventure seeking Land Rover and Range Rover owner of today.

This bond between owners has resulted in many long standing Land Rover clubs being established and being a popular means for owners to share their appreciation for their Landies. The internet has also meant that Land Rover forums are popular meeting places for owners to exchange stories and experiences. The Land Rover Owners Club of Southern Africa was started in 1960 and continues as a strong club today with many affiliates and sister clubs around the country.

Owners and enthusiasts are always willing to share their stories, pictures and experiences that they have had with their Land Rovers. They are a helpful bunch and the mere fact that you own the same vehicles makes you part of their extended family. The familiar wave practiced by Series and Defender owners is an example of this friendship.

Owners are also fiercely proud of their vehicles and everything they do with them. They love to accessorise, modify and convert these vehicles to fit their personality and their lifestyle. You could go so far as to say they you can explain the owner by the vehicle that he drives, a fun psychoanalysis of owners gives some insight in this.

This section of our website is dedicated to these Land Rover owners and enthusiasts. Send us a pic, story or anything about you and your Land Rover, and we will feature it here in the Owners section. Do you know of some special, different or otherwise Land Rovers or owners, let us know, send Land Rover pictures and a story if you like.

Land Rover Owners and their Landies

Land Rover Owners - Part 2
Tony's Defender 130 camper
Mikes burned out series 3
Leon's Defender in the Lambertsbaai dunes
Nico and Danie's D90 and Disco 3
Gavin's rebuilt Series 2 from Tanzania
Mellin Moodley's rebuilt Series 3
Vic spies a Range Rover 6x6 pickup
Robin Clayton 130 at Killarney

Land Rover Owners - Part 1
African Style Land Rovers
Kevin's rolled D110
Marek's Series 1 109 PUP
Piet Fourie in the Snow
Chris Mynhardt V6 S2A
Falling off a bridge
David's 110

Love & Hate Series 2A 88"
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