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An Archive for Fanatics of Land Rovers

Land Rover engine service and repairs of the various Landrover engines and Range Rovers is covered here in our Techtalk pages. Look through the sections below to find useful articles from the community on engine repair, conversions, upgrades and modifications for common engines including 2.25L petrol and diesel, 2.6 litre petrol, V8, Tdi and Td5. Engine servicing, repairs and service schedules for these motors are also covered. Land Rovers and Range Rovers have had their fair share of engine problems but ultimately the reliability of these vehicles have been proven over decades. Their have been some engine recalls to address these problems and repair the faults under warranty.

Land Rover restoration and rebuilding is common as old vehicles are given a new lease on life. These vehicles are very versatile and can be rebuilt and modified in many different ways, this is partly what makes them so unique. There are lots of restoration tips and tricks that make rebuilding a Landy worthwhile. Restoring an old Land Rover inevitably means dealing with chassis repair, replacing rusted sections with new welded metal bits. There are many different possible conversions for gearboxes, differentials and fitting diff lockers.

Modifications to Land Rovers include fitting winches and difflocks to improve off road ability. Winches are important for 4x4 vehicle recovery when stuck and need to be fitted and used correctly. If you have a problem requiring recovery or towing then make sure you know how to tow your vehicle to avoid damage to the transmission. Vehicle recovery when stuck in mud does not only have to be with a winch, there are also other recovery options if you don't have all of the equipment available.

4x4 Recovery and Winches

4x4 Recovery
A very informative page highlighting everything you need to know about 4x4 recovery for Land Rovers. From towing your your vehicle getting it unstuck in a marsh without any equipment. Includes winching practice and safety issues

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