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An Archive for Fanatics of Land Rovers

Land Rovers were built for driving off road from day 1, it was the sole purpose for which they were invented. They were one of the pioneers of creating a four- wheel-drive civilian vehicle that started the 4x4 off road SUV as we know it today. The very first Landrover was in fact a full time four-wheel-drive vehicle, but this was changed later on to make it selectable 4 wheel drive. This was made possible using a transfer box with low ratio and the ability to engage the front diff and hubs to enable 4 wheel drive. The early Land Rover Series vehicles had the yellow and red knobs for selecting four-wheel-drive.

In the beginning the main off road function was related to agriculture and for use in the farm environment and was the reason for the inclusion of power take off in the original Land Rover Series 1. As it turned out the Land Rover became the ultimate four-wheel-drive off road vehicle and the choice 4x4 for overland expeditions. Early marketing referred to it as the go anywhere vehicle because of its ability and capability to drive through mud, sand, water and over rocks and mountains and just about anywhere off road.

Range Rover was introduced with a unique coil sprung suspension that increased wheel articulation and made the it an extremely capable 4x4 off road vehicle. For the first time now luxury and 4x4 were combined, and the luxury off road SUV was born. This new vehicle also introduced the concept of full time four-wheel-drive thanks to the centre differential. This proven off road suspension and transmission was used throughout the Defender and Discovery ranges. Modern day Land Rovers continue the tradition of best in class off road performance with an ever increasing range of 4x4 acronyms for traction control. The latest DC100 concept replacement for the Defender promises to enhance this with more technology to make off road driving even more fool proof.

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