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An Archive for Fanatics of Land Rovers

Our Landy community has recently seen many new Land Rover Models as launches have become the norm in the last few years as the company ramps up its innovation to stay ahead in the luxury 4x4 car market, but it wasn't always like this. Land Rover originated with just one model, the Series 1 80 inch in 1948. Today more than 60 years later Landrover has several different ranges of different models with a variety of specs. The Land Rover Series 1 evolved into the Series 2 in 1958 and that evolved into the Series 3 in 1971 which eventually became the Defender in 1985. While the Series and Defender models are the heritage line of Land Rovers, the base for the future was laid in 1970 when the Range Rover was launched. The Range Rover offered exceptional luxury with outstanding off road capability, the first 4x4 SUV to offer this and still today it is the ultimate in Luxury 4x4 vehicle model. The Range Rover models also evolved and continue to do so with the two newest model in the range being the Range Rover Sport in 2006 and the Range Rover Evoque in 2011.

The most popular Land Rover model to date was launched in 1990. The Discovery had specs that positioned the vehicle between the Defender and the Range Rover. Landrover continued to innovate and re-invent itself and the smallest Landy, the Freelander was Launched in 1998. Once again they shaped the market with a new Land Rover model and helped to define the softroader or small SUV model category in the 4x4 market.

Now with all these models and specs of Land Rovers their appeal is even wider and more desirable. The marque continues to introduce new Land Rovers and new models and concept cars. The Range Rover Evoque and the Discovery Sport were two of the more recent concept vehicles that were shown and then made it onto the showroom floor very successfully. The future of the Defender unclear for a while with the last concept shown being the Defender concept DC100 was finally launched in 2019.

Classic Land Rovers Series Models and Specs

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