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Land Rover Owners Clubs

There are various formal and informal Land Rover Clubs in Southern Africa. The oldest and largest is based in Gauteng, formed back in 1960. A few of the founder members are still around today, still driving Land Rovers, and attending some of the events. Two of the founders Reg Whitley and Frank Dandridge bought their first Land Rovers in 1960 and met through the then agents, Fischer & Simmonds. They were key members in the LROC for their whole lives from the time that they became Land Rover owners. They founded the Land Rover Owners Club of Southern Africa together with Bill Siebert.

The first rally was held on a disused mined dump in Johannesburg. Since then the LROC activities continued to grow to include film evenings, weekend and long weekend trips, beach clean ups, long safari trips, driver training, the annual kiddies Christmas party and many other family related activities. The club continues to hold trials regularly giving owners an opportunity to use their Land Rovers off road.

The great bond that existed between the members of the Land Rover Owners Club all those years ago still exists today, ensuring that you no matter where you may be, the members of the Land Rover Owners Club can always be relied on for help and assistance.

The other clubs formed as splinter groups in the late 80's and early 90's when the original club became too large as membership grew.

Enthusiasts clubs are dominated by Defender owners, making up approximately half of the club memberships. Discoveries are the second most popular model. Recent times have seen the Series landys decline sharply in popularity, the Series III being the most popular of the Series derivatives. Range Rovers are also very popular especially older models that have become more affordable.

In the late 90's a new breed of enthusiast has emerged, spawned by the internet and the use of mailing lists and Land Rover Forums.  This unique "club" is a virtual one with an ever changing number of members who may or may not own Land Rovers, but are however keen enthusiasts. Open to anyone, this is an interesting and dynamic group. The original and first internet mailing list that is still active today is the ZA-LRO mailing list.

If you have a Land Rover club which is located in Africa please tell us about it, we can add your link or if you don't have a site assist in designing and hosting a website, mail us

Land Rover Owners Clubs in Southern Africa

Land Rover Owners Club of Southern Africa
Land Rover Owners Club of Southern Africa: KwaZulu Natal
Cape Land Rover Club

The Land Rover and Off-Road Enthusiasts Club Zimbabwe
This family-oriented club organizes off-road and four-wheel drive activities


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