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Land Rove Replica Kit Car - The Ant

The Ant is a Landrover Replica kit, a scaled-down replica of the Land Rover Series 2 and is being built by Les Hayden, he sent us some info and pictures. The vehicle that he is building uses the mechanical parts of the little Nissan 1400 LDV which sits on a newly designed chassis that takes the Nissan running gear and he made new fibreglass moulds for the vehicle. It looks very cute, Les says "I have tried wherever possible to keep the Land Rover proportions correct."

The pics shown here of the little Land Rover are the prototype under construction. Les continues with his description, "I have made it all modular, like the Landy that inspired it, so that it can be built up in open "game viewing" form, or by adding the rear cab and roof it can be an LDV, or by bolting on the roof extension, rear sides and rear door one can have a station-wagon. It is presently standing on the small 12" wheels of the donor vehicle, but I will later change these for 14" wheels and tyres, which will look better. After spending the past twenty-five years designing and manufacturing sports car kits, I am finding this project a lot of fun, and can't wait to have it in everyday use on the road. I have designed a very strong chassis, and the load bed is 1,5 meters long, so it should make a useful little workhorse. I started the project as a one-off vehicle for myself, but it is attracting so much attention that I have decided to make more and offer them in kit form. My daughter, who has a SWB Land Rover, now wants one of these as well."

This little Land Rover has been designed to use as many components of the Nissan 1400 bakkie as possible, because they are inexpensive, tough and readily available, the Nissan is unusual for a small bakkie in that it is RWD, which makes it ideal as a donor.  It uses the Nissan engine/gearbox, radiator, rear axle, propshaft (shortened), rear axle and rear suspension, front suspension, brakes, pedals, fuel tank, instruments and seat, seatbelts and heater/demister. The bodywork is GRP, moulded in GP polyester resin and chopped strand matting, and the chassis is a MIG welded steel structure using rectangular-section tubing.

Les has great plans for this little Land Rover, the Ant, "I think that it will be a good seller, as it looks cute, will be cheap to run, reliable and tough. I see a market also amongst surfers and the youth from affluent families -students who want a cute and distinctive vehicle that is different to the Golfs and Corsas of their friends. It will also make a very useful second family vehicle, in that it can carry loads such as garden refuse, or the dogs to the beach.

For more info on this unique little Land Rover replica kit Antinfo

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