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Land Rovers at Rust de Winter Gymkhana 2000

Land Rovers performed well at the annual Rust de Winter Gymkhana held at the Jeep club grounds in Rust de Winter, one of the biggest off-road events in Southern Africa. It is typically a 3 day event with a whole host of activities including a treasure hunt, off road trial, concourse and the main event which is the gymkhana. In amongst the 140 competitors there were several Land Rovers of all shapes and sizes to be seen. Most of them performed exceptionally well considering that they were standard vehicles with very few modifications.  

Olaf in his D110 2.8i chewed up the course handling everything with ease, except the tight bits where his turning wide turning circle cost him a few penalty points. 

Definitely one of the most spectacular moves of the day was Olafs tackling of the tyre-water hole-hill obstacle, which saw the D110 with water up to the windscreen, just before cresting the steep loose sand hill. This pic is Olaf just before the charge through the water. 

Followed by a few seconds later as he emerged from the water hole and hit the hill .... that's water flying past his window and onto his windscreen.

The hill after the water hole proved quite tricky due to the loose sand, the wet bottom section and it was actually pretty steep. This V8 D110 powered up without a hitch though.

Still going guns, the trip through the little river was timed, so more than normal speed was required.

Not all the Land Rovers were victorious through the difficult waterhole obstacle. This Series 2 struggled with traction due to the road tires slipping. The standard 2.25l engine was rearing to go but without traction he was going nowhere and had to surrender to a pull by the big yellow Unimog.

The long mud track was a real crowd puller and relied on brute force and speed. Pulling a caged co-driver around the track proved a bit too much for the lighter 4x4's, but the heavier Landys went around unfased by the dead weight behind them.

By the end of the day the mud track had turned very nasty, with a few of the mud holes becoming very rutted and sticky. This Range Rover with a big Ford V8 only just pulled through. A combination of gearing excellent articulation and many hose power saw the Range Rover make it to the other side.

Checking the damage after the mud run, it was hard to see where the engine was in amongst all the mud.

The exit out of the river also got a bit rutted towards the end of the day. Here a modified Series 2 pokes it nose over the top, just before it pops out of the river.



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