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Land Rover Freelander 2 - 2007

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The all new Land Rover 2007 Freelander  2 was launched in Mid 2006 and is due for arrival in SA sometime in  2007. There may be slight variations between these specs which are more related to UK and US markets. Branded LR2 in the US, the Freelander 2 is the first really major redesign since its introduction many years ago.

Judging by recent prices released in the UK the SA pricing could be in the region of R340 000 to R415 000. Hopefully at the up coming Auto Africa show we should see at least one new Freelander 2 on the stand.


  • Class-leading breadth of capability
    • Agile, responsive and comfortable on-road
    • Outstanding off-road
  • 3.2-liter i6 delivers strong combinations of performance, refinement and fuel economy
  • All-new permanent all-wheel drive that helps optimize traction and fuel economy
  • Land Rover’s unique Terrain Response™ - for easier off-road driving – heads a long list of advanced technologies, many new to the class
  • Fresh and dynamic exterior design – chiseled, geometric and simple
  • Versatile, comfortable, well-equipped and spacious cabin

"No other compact SUV has anything like its total breadth of capability," says Phil Popham, Land Rover’s managing director. "LR2 sets new standards in the sector, combining the advantages of a premium car - such as polished ride, accomplished performance, an attractive cabin and ease-of-use - with the attributes of a robust SUV, including go-anywhere ability, toughness, stadium seating, cabin versatility and spaciousness. We believe that no other compact SUV gets closer to blending these best-of-both-worlds abilities."

Technical highlights of the LR2 include a brand-new 3.2-liter inline-six engine featuring advanced technologies to deliver an outstanding combination of performance and economy.

The 230bhp* i6 engine provides a top speed of 124 mph (200 km/h)* and 0-60 mph acceleration in 8.4 seconds (0-100 km/h in 8.9 seconds)*. The engine is matched to a new six-speed automatic transmission, with Land Rover’s CommandShift offering manual sequential gear changes when required. There is also a driver-selectable sport mode, for livelier performance.

Inline-six cylinder engine configurations are ideal for delivering smoothness, and the very compact new unit in LR2 is small enough to mount transversely. The benefits of transverse fitment include improved interior packaging and safety performance.

The interior package of LR2 has generous head, shoulder and legroom, in both the front and rear. Large glass areas emphasize the spacious feel and complement the elevated ‘command driving’ position – a Land Rover hallmark – and ‘stadium seating’, where rear passengers sit slightly higher than front occupants, for a clearer view of the world outside. Cargo space is also among the best in class: 59 cu. ft. (1670 liters)* with the rear seats folded and 26.5 cu. ft (755 liters)* with the rear seats up.

The exterior and interior design of LR2 is completely fresh, integrating the company’s unique design language with a form that is instantly recognizable as the latest Land Rover.

"We purposely kept strong Land Rover design cues, such as the clamshell bonnet, stepped roof and the basic form," says Land Rover design director Geoff Upex.

"The overall look is new and contemporary. The design is chiseled, geometric and simple – it looks like it's hewn from the solid. We have kept a close design relationship with the LR3 and Range Rover Sport, but interpreted the design language to suit the requirements of customers for a more compact SUV."

The body is a five-door monocoque structure, with a high level of torsional rigidity which benefits refinement, comfort and handling on-road as well as ensuring the vehicle is fit for serious off-road use. The suspension is fully independent and uses the most modern stability control systems, including Roll Stability Control (RSC™), a new and sophisticated technology that helps mitigate the risk of roll-over even in extreme conditions.

LR2 is packed with new technologies to improve both on-road and off-road performance. Land Rover’s unique Terrain Response™ is standard, making off-road use easier. Other interesting technologies include a new intelligent permanent all-wheel drive system for superior traction and better on-road fuel economy, and the patented Gradient Release Control, which improves driver confidence and control when releasing the brakes on steep and slippery slopes.

Other features and options include: keyless starter button, bi-xenon headlamps, adaptive front lighting, rain-sensing wipers and rear park distance control. A standard two-part panoramic sunroof increases the cabin’s airiness; air-conditioning also comes standard and a full-color touch-screen DVD satellite navigation system is optional. A choice of top-level audio systems includes 12-speaker Dolby™ Pro Logic II 7.1 Surround Sound with fiber-optic interconnects. An auxiliary audio connection (for iPods and MP3 players) is standard.

Designed and engineered by Land Rover at Gaydon, near Warwick, England, LR2 is built at the Halewood plant in Liverpool, where outstanding build quality has been acknowledged with a JD Power European Plant Quality Gold Award in 2005.


Land Rover Freelander 2 Engines

  • Smooth, powerful compact new 3.2-liter i6 engine
    • Maximum power 230bhp*; maximum torque 234 lb.-ft. at 3200 rpm*
    • 0-60 mph in 8.4 sec*, 0-100 km/h in 8.9 sec*.
    • Combined average fuel consumption 25.2 mpg*
    • Exceptionally compact inline six-cylinder configuration
    • Transverse engine mounting improves cabin space and helps efficiency of safety systems
    • Advanced technologies include Cam Profile Switching and Variable Valve Timing
  • Engine paired to new six-speed automatic transmission
  • CommandShift™ manual sequential gear changes and sport mode available

‘The all-new LR2 gets an exceptional new i6 engine. Very compact and packed with technology, it delivers bags of torque across the rev range. For such a powerful engine, its fuel consumption and CO 2 figures are also excellent.’
– Andrew Foster, chief program engineer


The powerful and torquey 3.2-liter i6 engine is brand new for 2008, and gives LR2 on-road performance comparable to that of many compact sedans. The vehicle accelerates from 0-60 mph in 8.4 seconds (0-100 km/h in 8.9 seconds)* and has a top speed of 124 mph (200 km/h)*. More relevant for everyday motoring, it also has impressive kick-down acceleration.

Maximum power is 230bhp* at 6300rpm, and maximum torque is 234 lb.-ft. at 3200rpm.*

The six-cylinder i6 engine is ingeniously designed to combine an inline configuration – intrinsically, the most refined and smoothest engine arrangement - with an exceptionally compact size. This allows the engine to be transversely mounted, which improves cabin packaging and gives extra space, in front of and behind the engine, designed to help optimize the efficiency of the vehicle’s safety systems.

The key to this compact new design is the unique and innovative Rear End Ancillary Drive (READ) system. Conventional engines drive camshafts and other engine ancillaries (including alternator, water pump and air conditioning compressor) from a series of chains and belts overhanging the front of the engine. The i6’s READ system takes drive to these items up the rear face of the engine – the side attached to the gearbox – with much less overhang. The result is an extremely short engine, just 23.64 in (600.5 mm) long. This substantially increases engine bay space, allowing the i6 to be fitted crossways and the vehicle’s advanced crash structure to be configured around it.

The i6 engine has an aluminum block, head and bedplate and all are structurally optimized to balance low weight and stiffness. Even the camshaft cover is structural, allowing it to incorporate the camshaft bearing caps for further weight reduction.

There are twin overhead camshafts and 24 valves (four per cylinder) to provide optimal engine breathing. This is further improved by a patented Cam Profile Switching (CPS) system that features two completely different intake cam profiles machined onto the same camshaft. The engine management system decides which cam profile to use, depending on the engine’s running conditions and driver’s torque demands. One profile is ideal for low-speed/low-load driving; the other, which gives longer valve lift, is better for higher speeds and loads. An ingenious two-piece hydraulic valve tappet arrangement alters the cam profiles.

The i6 engine also features a continuously Variable Valve Timing (VVT) system, which constantly alters valve overlap to achieve optimum power, efficiency and emissions. The combination of CPS and VVT gives the new engine impressively broad power and torque bands, and improves both outright performance and general drivability.

In addition, the Variable Intake System – which alters both intake tract length and, more unusually, plenum volume – boosts low-end torque and high-end power, further enhancing the engine’s breathing capability. Eighty percent of the vehicle’s maximum torque is available across the entire rev range, and 189 lb.-ft. is on tap all the way from 1400 rpm to 6400 rpm.

Aluminum pistons and forged steel con-rods operate a 7-bearing forged steel crankshaft with induction hardened bearing surfaces. The crankshaft timing ring and starter ring are incorporated into the flexplate that sits between the engine and automatic transmission for more compact packaging.

Power for the READ system is taken from a gear on the rear crankshaft web, which also drives the oil pump. This drives a mid-shaft gear that powers an idler-shaft carrying two different-sized gearwheels. The front gearwheel drives the alternator and the rear gear takes drive to the overhead camshafts through an inverted tooth chain, and also drives the power-steering pump, engine coolant pump and air-conditioning compressor via a polyvee belt.

The highly accurate fuel-injection system features four micro-nozzles per cylinder, each with a diameter of 0.01 in (0.29 mm). Capable of injecting a large volume of fuel when high performance is demanded – up to 250 cc/min they are also able to provide total precision when minimal performance is required, helping the i6 LR2 achieve maximum fuel economy.

The engine has been developed primarily by Land Rover’s Premier Automotive Group partner, Volvo. Built at Bridgend, Wales – alongside the Land Rover/Range Rover V8 engine family – the i6 engine has been extensively developed for Land Rover’s demanding off-road requirements, including improved dust, mud and water protection and the tolerance of operation at more acute angles of tilt.


The LR2 engine offers a sophisticated six-speed automatic transmission. A new transmission specially developed for Land Rover’s challenging blend of on-road and off-road driving, delivers power to its unique intelligent Permanent All-Wheel Drive driveline.

The Aisin Warner AWF21 six-speed automatic transmission is a light, compact unit that features a unique remote breather, deliberately routed above LR2's wade line (19.68 in / 500 mm water depth).

Seamless shift quality is ensured by a new fully integrated electronic Transmission Control Module. The module uses different gear change maps, depending on whether the transmission is in full auto, sport or manual CommandShift mode, and when the vehicle is using one of the special Terrain Response programs.

  • In sport mode, the auto transmission is programmed to hold low gears longer and to shift down more readily, to assist acceleration.
  • CommandShift allows manual sequential gear changing.
  • When Terrain Response special programs are engaged, different mappings are applicable, depending on the mode chosen.
  • The Transmission Control Module also manages torque converter lock-up, which has different requirements depending on the selected Terrain Response mode.


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