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Land Rover Defender 6x6 and 6x4

The Land Rover Defender 6x6 prototype was displayed at the military vehicle show DVD in 2007.

With six wheel drive and six gears on the main gearbox, this is Land Rover's first 6x6x6 and is specifically aimed at military markets.

The chassis is widened and beefed up and features coil-sprung suspension at the front, with leaf springs at the rear. All of the axles are driven.

John Stretton, Director of Global Government and Direct Sales made the following comments at the show. "This was quite a deliberate move on Land Rover's part and the intention was to stimulate debate and gauge initial customer feedback. The Land Rover Defender 6x6 is just one of a number of Land Rover's proposed solutions for the new operational environment faced by many of the world's light forces."

The Land Rover Defender 6x6 has the potential to deliver greater payload and volume capacity whilst retaining the legendary all terrain ability, adaptability, robustness and longevity of Land Rover military vehicles. The feedback has been very positive and at this year's DVD we intend to go to the next stage and exhibit a 6x6 for off-road demonstration".

The 6x6 originates in the late 1980s. It was developed as a specialist 6x6 vehicle to meet the requirements of the Australian Army for a high payload cross-country vehicle for the Australian Defence Force's 'Perentie' project. The contract was awarded to the Land Rover 6x6 after extensive durability, climatic and user trials in a competitive tender. Based on core Land Rover Defender 110 parts, but with a unique power train, the vehicles were assembled in Australia under licence.

In total 1,000 Land Rover 6x6's were supplied to the ADF, over two contracts, spanning a 15-year period. The Land Rover 6x6 continues to be used by the Australian Army and current deployment includes the Middle East. Offering operational flexibility will be central to the new project. The new Land Rover Defender 6x6 is conceived in basic form as a Chassis/Cab and is designed for modular rear bodies which allow fitting of the appropriate 'pod' to meet specific mission/customer requirements.

Key Product Attributes

  • A new 2.4 litre common rail diesel engine mated to a six-speed manual gear box and 2-speed transfer box.

  • Permanent 4x4 drive with vacuum-operated dog clutch engagement of the third axle via a dashboard switch for off-road operation.

  • More load capacity - over 3000 kg payload in standard configuration with the ability to go over 4000 kg in heavy-duty form.

  • More volume capacity - wider by 190mm, longer (than Defender 110) by 1400mm.

  • Lower loading height, lower visual profile, and more stable defence systems platform than 'truck' type architectures.

  • Shares a high replacement parts commonality with other Land Rover Defender vehicles and has similar driving characteristics - providing significant advantages when operating in conjunction with other Land Rovers.

Designed for modular rear bodies which allow fitting of the appropriate 'pod' to meet mission/customer requirements

"We hope to bring the 6x6 to the market place in the near future and it's a product we're excited about. Our intention is to work closely with the UK MOD over the next couple of years as the precise terms of reference for the OUVS contract start to take shape. We think all of our products plus some future ones could all have a strong part to play in the UK Military's portfolio.

Land Rover military vehicles

For more information, see the August 2007 issue of Land Rover Owner International



Land Rover Defender 6x4

What you see here is the Land Rover Defender 6X4 Puma Concept, which was recently developed in Malaysia by Land Rover Malaysia and Sasbilt Technologies Malaysia. It features a long wheelbase of 3302mm and the 6-wheeler can run on either 4 wheels (6X4) or all 6 wheels (6X6). Since the concept was displayed at the Defense Services Asia 2008 exhibition this month, it has apparently attracted a high level of interest from the Malaysian Armed Forces and numerous foreign visitors.

The long wheelbase, it's said, enables the use of a custom body which can accommodate an electric generator in the rear compartment and a spacious cabin for radio and satellite equipment and at least four crew members. The cabin doors are wider to enable easy access and loading of radio equipment. A full-size antenna can be mounted on the roof for the 6X4 Puma Concept to be used as a VSAT satellite vehicle in the battlefield.

It is powered by Land Rover’s Ford Duratorq “Puma” 2.4 liter common rail turbodiesel engine. Depending on tuning, it can produce between 74hp to 135hp and between 185Nm to 285Nm of torque.

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