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Land Rover Range Rover Suspension Bushes

I recently replaced my Land Rover Range Rover suspension bushes with Ironman bushes.
The original rubber based bushes do not last very long but they give maximum off-road articulation and are therefore used by those who use their vehicles for extreme off-roading. The poly bushes last about 5 times longer and give a firmer safer ride. This information was obtained from the documentation that came with the bush kit and is published here in good faith.

Suspension Bush Applications

SPF126 Front Radius Arm To Diff Mount
This part number improves feel through steering initial turn in.
  (Steering more responsive).

SPF127 Front Radius Arm bushes To Chassis Mount

This component offers positive location therefore longer bush life.
4 per vehicle

SPF1156 Front Panhard Rod Bushes

Locates differential in positive central alignment, therefore minimizing excessive axle steer. (Both to chassis mount)

SPF075 Shock Absorber Bushes

These bushes provide a superb replacement to rubber shock absorber bushes which "chop out" quickly. They last upto 5 times longer.

Rear Upper Trailing Arm Bushes To Chassis Mount

These bushes relieve the problem of rear steer and make the vehicle more responsive, providing superior handling.

Rear Lower Trailing Arm Bushes To Diff Mount

These bushes offer a solution to rear steer and provide an excellent positive location and longevity.

Rear Lower Trailing Arm Bushes to Chassis Mount

Designed to replace original bushes which Fail to sit flush with the mounting. Ironman has designed and developed this bush with a 9 offset angle to make sure premature failure of the bush does not occur.

Rear Shock Absorber Bushes 

These bushes provide a superb replacement to rubber shock absorber bushes which "chop out" quickly. Ironman polyurethane shock absorber bushes outlast rubber by up to 5 times.

More responsive handling
No rear steer
Improved stability
Low maintenance
Improved initial turn in
Less wander
Less lateral movement

S_bushes_fitting_picture.JPG (158538 bytes)  bushes_1.JPG (31523 bytes)  bushes_2.JPG (37162 bytes)




Remove the 2 bolts and nuts and the panhard rod.

Replacement of Bushing
Press out the bushings from the panhard rod.
Fit new bushings into the panhard rod using red rubber grease.

Torque for the two nuts and bolts: 88 N.m .
When tightening the panhard rod, set nut and bolt, lower the vehicle load until the panhard rod is horizontal.


Remove the front radius arm to chassis mount fittings.
Disconnect the track rod at the ball joint.
and swing it away under the vehicle
Remove the bolts and nuts from the radius arm to the diff mount.
Lower the radius arm front end to clear axle and remove from the vehicle.

Press out the bushings from the radius arm.
Press new into the radius arm. Use red rubber grease to get the new bushes in.

Install radius arm to frame.
Be sure not to pinch the new bushings as you fit the front section.
Install the arm to the front axle with the 3 bolts and nuts.
Rock the body up and down to stabilize the suspension.
Tighten all bolts and nuts to 245 N.m
When tightening the nuts, tighten with the vehicle's full weight applied to the axle housing.




Remove the nut and bolt retaining the lower trailing arm to the diff mount bracket.
Remove the locknut and washer and remove the bush from the trailing arm to chassis mount.
Remove the three nuts and bolts retaining the forward end of the trailing arm to the chassis brackets.
Remove the trailing arm.

Press out the bush from the rear end of the lower trailing arm
Press the new bush squarely into the arm with red rubber grease.

Assemble the bush to the trailing arm to the chassis mount and secure with the locknut Do not tighten at this stage.
Fit the lower trailing arm to the vehicle, securing the front end of the arm to the chassis bracket with the three nuts and bolts.
Assemble the rear end of the trailing arm to the axle bracket and retain with the nut and bolt. 
Tighten the nut and bolt at the rear end of the trailing arm.
Tighten the forward locknut to 176 Nm.


Jack up the Landrover under the chassis so that the rear axle is freely suspended.
Remove nuts and bolts retaining the upper arm bracket to the chassis frame.
Remove the two nuts and bolts securing the top links to the pivot bracket.
Withdraw the upper trailing arms complete with the chassis attachment brackets from vehicle.
Remove the nut and bolt retaining forward end of the link to the chassis bracket and separate the two parts.
Press out the bush from the forward end of the upper trailing arms and squarely press in the new bushes with red rubber grease.


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