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Land Rover Discovery 3 Wheels and Tyres

Land Rover Discovery 3 Off Road Tyres

I bought a Land Rover Discover 3 TDV6 S in August 2005 and I am still amazed about this amazing vehicle, my 4th Discovery.

I use my vehicle mainly on tar road as most of the 4X4 owners, but I am driving this vehicle to be able to go on safari into Africa to countries like Mozambique, Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Malawi etc.

I fitted Bridgestone Dueler AT tyres on my previous Discovery 2 and on a safari of more than 7000km through Mozambique, Malawi and Zimbabwe, negotiated very bad roads while towing an off-road trailer without having one flat or damaged tyre.

My new Discovery 3 was factory fitted with Good Year HP tyres which gave a very comfortable drive on tar. On my first trip off-road which included about 5kmof slightly rocky terrain on a farm in Mpumalanga, the side wall of one of the tyres was damaged and could not be repaired. I gathered more information on these tyres and was informed that it is 90% on road / 10% off road tyres with a high speed rating.

After 30 000km, the tyres shown substantial wear of about 50%. I found this strange as I got more than 80 000km on a set of BF Goodrich tyres on my first Discovery.

In planning a trip to Namibia which will include the Richtersveld National Park, I started looking for tyres that will be suitable for the type of terrain that will be negotiated. I contacted most tyre manufacturers in South Africa and could not find an off road tyre in the size 235/70/17 or even close to that. The only tyre available for the vehicle was the factory fitted tyre.

The closest tyre available was a Cooper ST 245/70/17 with a 50/50 on road off-road rating. This tyre is used by Kingsley Holgate on his expeditions. I was concerned about the fact that the tyre was bigger and had quite a rough track profile. I decided keep on searching and found a Cooper ATR on the Cooper Tyres website in the USA in exactly the size I needed (235/70/17). On the web are many testimonies on the excellent performance of these tyres on and off-road.


I contacted Dunlop SA and was assisted by Gerhard Pondard who immediately agreed to import these tyres with his next order. The tyres arrives after six weeks and was fitted by Robís Tyres in Centurion within a week after itís arrival in Durban.

The set of tyres looks great on the Discovery 3 and I can not detect a difference in the on-road drive or an increase in road noise. I now have the confidence to go off-road and visit the remote places in our beautiful country and itís neighbours with a trip to the Serengeti in the future.

The tyres are available from Dunlop Dealers in South Africa at about R1900 each. They brought in about 60 tyres to start with if I am correct

Charles Moolman

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