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Range Rover Boge Unit to Coil Conversion

Range Rover Boge self levelling unit to coil suspension conversion

  • I used both balls from the Boge unit.
  • The coil is from the front suspension of a Mazda 323 Hatch Back.
  • The coil should be long enough in its normal state to handle the full travel of the suspension and narrow enough to fit between the wishbones.
  • The top ball was screwed straight to the Mazda 323 front suspension top coil holder.
  • The bottom ball required some modification to accommodate a 50 mm extension on the bottom holding plate.  The stud from the ball was removed and the ball was drilled and tap for a 10 mm bolt.  Do not drill right through the ball.
  • The bottom coil holder is a 5 mm thick plate  with a piece of pipe welded to it which is just smaller than the inside diameter of the coil.  The height of the pipe is about 15 mm.
  • The coil is fixed to the bottom holder in the same manner as the suspension coils on the Range Rover.  A piece of flat bar over the lower section of the coil.  This is bolted to the lower plate.

Front view View of coil.

 Bottom ball with coil holder Top Holder Topw view.
Thanks to Pieter Fourie  for contributing this article:


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