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Land Rover TD5 Engine Oil Pump Failure

A number of 1999 Td5 engine oil pumps have failed due to the bolt holding the sprocket onto the oil pump shaft working itself loose This causes a sudden loss of oil pressure which could result in engine
seizure, turbo seizure or other forms of overheating damage. (Some UK owners paid up to GBP 7,000 repair cost!)

The oil pump is not a serviceable item and the problem can only be discovered if you remove the sump and inspect the pump (Other Td5 owners take note!)

What is causing the failure? Current evidence suggests that LR "forgot" to apply loctite to the sprocket bolt during manufacturing.

This according to UK lawyers amounts to breach of contract as the unsatisfactory build quality means the engine cannot last the expected lifespan of 150,000 miles.

There does not seem to be a recall of affected engines but LRUK appears to
be settling claims submitted to them.

Read the articles below and and check the links for more information on this topic.

Location of bolt



Stripped bolt

Land Rover
1999 Discovery 2 Series TD5

13th April 2004

Watchdog has received emails from viewers experiencing engine problems with the 1999 Land Rover Discovery (2 series TD5).

One small bolt in the pump (that circulates oil) can come loose causing the entire engine to cut out. If this happens, the engine may need replacing at a cost of £6,000 - £7,000. Currently, the owners’ rather than Land Rover have to foot the bill.

Owners affected can call Land Rover on 08705 000 500

Alan Owens, consumer lawyer with Irwin Mitchell, appeared on the programme to discuss what action people could take. He recommends contacting Irwin Mitchell on 0870 1500 100 or visit the Irwin Mitchell website.

Other sites with info


Michael Spoelder
January 2006

I live in Sydney Australia, and have a 1999 Discovery TD5. I have experienced the exact problem detailed in this web site. Land Rover Australia, having been informed, are only prepared to pay 50% of the parts. I find this appalling. Not sure where I can go from here, but just thought I'd let you know the problem is occurring in Australia.


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