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Land Rover Tyre Treads

The Land Rover tyres are the single most important part of the vehicle when off road driving because they are the contact point that transfers the drive from the 4x4 vehicle to the ground. There are many types of tyres with different tread patterns suitable for 4x4 off road driving so choosing a suitable tyre is not as easy as it used to be, the main points to look out for are:

Speed, Budget, Load, Road surfaces, looks.

Speed is not such a concern to the regular person but if you regularly do high speeds (110+) with a heavy vehicle then you must study the tyre specifications carefully. Usually as the speed rating increased the load rating decreases.

Cross ply tyres are significantly cheaper than radials, they usually have a low speed rating, a high load rating and are extremely tough. They do not have a very good expected mileage and are the worst on tar.
These tyres are used mainly for slow hard work :- serious off roading with heavy loads, largely an industrial type tyre.

Generally, the more aggressive the tyre tread, the worse the on-road handling gets and the better the off-road handling gets. You must decided what percentage on and off roading you are going to do and what level and tyre of  4x4 terrain it will be like mud, snow, rocks sand etc.

Sand generally requires a wider, smoother tread with as few knobs and bumps as possible.
Mud on the other hand wants lots of knobs and lots of open spaces between. Modern tyre design concentrates on a good self-cleaning action. Rocks require a strong tyre with good sidewall protection. See below for some examples of some popular 4x4 tyres suitable for Land Rovers.

Once you have decided on the right tyre for your vehicle you should also make sure that you use the optimum tyre pressures for off road driving.


Radial 4x4 Tyres for Land Rovers

Name Description   Side View Tread Pattern
General Super All Grip 7.50R16 only Excellent tyre for heavy vehicles, good value for money 100 000 +


general_sagr_side.jpg (59028 bytes) general_sagr_tread.jpg (58511 bytes)
Bridgestone Dueller All, Common on Earlier Range Rovers   bridgestone_dueller_side.jpg (57517 bytes) bridgestone_dueller_tread.jpg (60241 bytes)
Continental Contitrac All, but the 235/85x16 is absolutely notorious for cracking up after very few Km's 40 - 50 000


continental_contitrack_side.jpg (32842 bytes) continental_contitrack_tread.jpg (59360 bytes)
BF Goodrich Mud Terrain Many. a current favourite, it is the only one with 3 ply sidewalls 80 000


bfg_mud_terrain_side.jpg (59871 bytes) bfg_mud_terrain_tread.jpg (62920 bytes)
BF Goodrich All Terrain All, a current favourite, it is the only one with 3 ply sidewalls.  100 000


BFG_AT_side.jpg (44359 bytes) bfg_AT_tread.jpg (49339 bytes)
Michelin 4x4 OEM on Range Rovers   michellin_4x4_side.jpg (57350 bytes) michellin_4x4_tread.jpg (59834 bytes)
Michelin ??     michellin_side.jpg (52552 bytes) michellin_tread.jpg (58652 bytes)
Yokohama Geolander Some good tread patterns to choose from   yokohama_geolander_side.jpg (58016 bytes) yokohama_geolander_tread.jpg (59743 bytes)
Yokohama Super Digger Some good tread patterns to choose from   yokohama_super_digger_side.jpg (56588 bytes) yokohama_super_digger_tread.jpg (58498 bytes)

Cross Ply 4x4 Tyres for Land Rovers

Name Description   Side View Tread Pattern
General Super All Grip The Traditional tyres, Ideal for Series vehicles Very Noisy   general_sagc_side.jpg (57497 bytes) general_sag_tread.jpg (57917 bytes)
Dunlop Universal The Traditional tyres, Ideal for Series vehicles   dunlop_universal_side.jpg (54766 bytes) dunlop_universal_tread.jpg (59046 bytes)
General Super HCT The Traditional tyres, Ideal for Series vehicles 25-35 000

109 Camper

general_super_hct_side.jpg (59620 bytes) general_super_hct_tread.jpg (59992 bytes)


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