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An Archive for Fanatics of Land Rovers

Our new name The Overland Legend proudly emphasizes our African overland roots and love for everything related to Landys without giving you the impression (which we would hate to do) that we are linked to Land Rover. The Overland Legend is re-inveting LandyOnline with our new YouTube Channel and Instagram. LandyOnline has always been a website for and by the community of Land Rover Owners in Southern Africa and Africa.

The Overland Legend is a website run by Land Rover fanatics for other enthusiasts and fanatics.This website has provided an invaluable source of information to owners and prospective owners of mostly the older Series and Defender vehicles. Through ongoing user contributions from the community we have established a significant knowledge and user base that is relied on by thousands of visitors every month. In our first year we had about 120 web pages, attracted 100 000 impressions, now more than 18 years later our site generates in excess of 600 000 page impressions per year, currently has more than 350 web pages with 3 600 external links to our website. The majority of the content is owned and created by ourselves and the users who visit the site.

Our site was formed through the amalgamation of three websites Brian's Africa Travel Guide, Alan's Land Rover Page and the GMC conversion pages. We were the first to publish a South African Land Rover related website in 1996 just 2 years after the world wide web became available in South Africa in 1994. Getting the early exposure on the internet has been vital to the success of LandyOnline through the establishment of personal, business and website connections throughout the world wide Land Rover internet community. On 28 December 1999 we registered From the start the response was fantastic with many e-mail compliments, comments, queries and contributions from the Land Rover community around the world. From the start the information obtained from the queries has been shared and fed back into the site to benefit visitors. LandyOnline has grown to become one of the most popular unofficial Land Rover resource sites on the internet, and proudly so.

Owners and enthusiasts are always willing to share their stories, pictures and experiences that they have had with their Land Rovers. They are a helpful bunch and the mere fact that you own the same vehicles makes you part of their extended family. The familiar wave practiced by Series and Defender owners is an example of this friendship. Our website celebrates and supports the owners the enthusiasts and the fantical people who make Land Rovers what they are today.

About Us

We are Alan and Brian have a combined Land Rover experience of over 80 years. Our Land Rover encounters thus far have included everything from early Series I to late Range Rovers and Discos, and everything in-between, like traveling, buying, selling, rebuilding, modifying, driving, owning, fixing, cursing and most of all loving.

Our first involvement was in 1973, when as two toddlers, the out of the way camping trips being undertaken in the family car, were becoming increasingly difficult. So the solution was to get a go anywhere vehicle, so Dad and Mom promptly bought a new Ivory SIIB LWB hard top. From then onwards it was a steep learning curve, like working out what the red and yellow knobs were for, and getting stuck for the first time. That first time was on a trip to Ponta Chemucane where we spent the night stuck in a marsh, mozzies in swarm, all alone, trailer in tow with the in-laws! Joining the Land Rover Owners Club soon sorted that out and in no time all the necessary driving skills had been acquired.

The trusty LWB was modified to sleep the four of us, Mom and Dad at the back, Brian on the front bench seat, and Alan on a stretcher above. This Series 2A is still in daily use after receiving and engine transplant and a chassis up rebuild. Camping trips to some of the most unique and unspoiled destinations included Mozambique, Transkei, Botswana, Rhodesia and the North Coast.

So as we grew up, Land Rovers were always an integral part of our daily lives. Right up until today you can be guaranteed of finding either Alan or Brian tinkering on some or other vehicle or doing some or other Landy related activity. In fact it has become more than tinkering with Brian having developed many innovative products for Land Rovers through his business

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