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Land Rover Series 1 1958 Rebuild

I have included some pictures of my Land Rover Series 1 1958 109 which has been in the family since 1960. It was driven down from the then Rhodesia in 1981. I fully rebuilt " Old Faithful" a she is known in 1998 / 1999.

The Old Lady was stripped down to the last nut and bolt and completely rebuilt. All bolts and nuts replaced, brakes done, you name it and it was done. The engine was a rebuild of three other 2.0Lt spreadbores as the old engine had put a rod through the side and was scrapped. The Old Lady at that stage had done plus minus 325 000 miles. The "rebuilt" motor was not in very good shape as I was unable to find the spares I needed to do a complete overhaul. Basically everything possible of the original parts were used. The rebuilt motor motor lasted about 5 years and was using more oil than petrol eventually. I did about 25 000 miles with it. Unable to get big ends and mains for the 2Lt, I eventually succumbed and am now running an early model 2.25Lt Series 2 motor.

I first learnt to drive in a Landrover 1956 107 that belonged to my Dad in the Vetinary Department in Gwanda in Rhodesia. I was 12 years old at the time and I then made up my mind that I would own a Landy one day. This one was bought when it was 2 years old for 250 Pounds and have had it ever since. It has been a love hate relationship but one that I will always remember. Never in all her years has "Old Faithful" ever broken down on the road, not even a puncture. I will right now get into that Landy with complete confidence and drive anywhere with it.

I am not a young man anymore but I still enjoy taking her out for a bit of exercise (not sure who gets the exercise) just to keep things working. No power steering, no brake (what brakes) booster but just sheer enjoyment.

I now mainly keep it for motor shows etc in Maritzburg and Toti. I have all the history of the vehicle including the official "Birth Certificate" issued from the factory indicating date of manufacture, model, engine number, chassis number and the customer who was Puzey and Payne in Salisbury Rhodesia.

I look forward to seeing more of your pictures and some of the crazy stunts Landy owners get up to.

Vic Walker and my home is Winklespruit in Natal

Vic has also done a Land Rover Series 3 restoration



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