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Land Rover Overlander Expedition Vehicles

Juggle the letters in Land Rover and you get Overlander, thats how close overlanding is to Land Rovers. With the variety of Landrover models available today, the choice of vehicle for overlanding expeditions is not as simple as it was back in 1948. The options today all have their own advantages and disadvantages, and depend largely on the overlanders preferences and needs. Therefore we have listed the most common Land Rover Overland vehicles, together with their associated advantages and disadvantages, from an overlanders point of view. Overlanding is definitely not limited to older Land Rovers and Range Rovers. You just have to look at successful trips by Kingsley Holgate in a Disco or imagine the possibilities with this Discovery 3 camper. The ideal Landrover overland vehicle is usually  modified for expeditions with special features and equipment, homemade or bought 4x4 accessories. Most often you need to convert your daily commuter into an expedition vehicle. If you have travelled overland successfully in other types of modified Land Rovers then send us your overlander stories.

Which Land Rover is best for Overlanding Expeditions ?


Best vehicle

Best expedition vehicle

Defender 110/90

Low budget

Series II & III


Forward control

Daily car/weekend trips

Discovery or Range Rover


Land Rover Defender

Built for the task
Functional - can be easily adapted
Good cruising speeds
Economy in Tdi and power in V8
110 gives comfortable ride
Tdi and V8 models have minimal electronics

110 as daily commuter is cumbersome
90 lacks space and is bumpy on dirt roads

Spares/maintenance can be costly especially Tdi

Discovery and Range Rover

Comfort on and off-road
High cruising speed
Good off-road ability

Little storage space
Initial and maintenance cost (except early Range Rovers)
Electronic management systems

Land Rover Series 2 and 3

Low purchase cost
Simple mechanics
Proven strength
Cheap, available spares
Storage space
Easily modified and adapted
Value for money

low on tar
High petrol consumption

Series 1 camper conversion

Series I inside showing kitchen unit, gas stove, fridge, under seat storage area and table on rear door. This vehicle can accommodate two people. Front cab showing single bed conversion and centre storage box. The single bed folds out and extends from the back over the front seat, and sleeps one person comfortably. Additional improvements: Capstan winch, Duel 45l fuel tanks, Rear mounted 20l water tank

04090059.jpg (58195 bytes) 04090060.jpg (60777 bytes)

Series 2A 109 Camper

Inside showing stove, water tap at basin, fridge, kitchen cupboards, overhead cupboards, bench seat with storage space, fluorescent light and mosquito netting. The bench seat fold out to form a double bed for two people. Under the rear bench seat is a Porta Potti which can be used insitu or can be relocated outside.

04090063.jpg (57801 bytes)

Outside showing awning and roof rack for light items. Solar panels mounted on roof rack power two deep cell batteries for the lights, water pump and fridge. Snorkel and high lift fitted. Side cupboard behind driver door carries tools and spares.

Outside showing shower/toilet tent, which is removable and slots into the roof rack, also rear mounted spade. The shower works off the same pump which supplies the basin inside. Shower water can be taken from the onboard water tank or external sources like a bucket.

04090062.jpg (59000 bytes) 04090054.jpg (60507 bytes)

Additional improvements: ENV rear axle fitted, Series III gearbox, Fairy overdrive, Heavy duty leaf springs, plus additional blades all round, Snorkel with cyclonic air intake, Duel deep cell batteries, powered by 2 75W solar panels, Side box for quick access to tools, spares and gas bottles, 110l diesel carrying capacity, 65l water tank. More info on rebuliding this Series 2 camper

Also see Land Rover Series 2 Caboose overlander conversion

Series 3 Land Rover Overlander

Outside showing rollbar, roofrack, sand ladders, and fitting for table and chairs in roof rack. Sand ladders can double up as burgler bars to cover windows. The roofrack is mounted onto the rollbar so it is sturdy and virtually unbreakable.

04090065.jpg (58868 bytes) 04090066.jpg (62432 bytes)

Top of roofrack showing fitment of solar panels, rope for capstan winch and tube for storage of tent. Additional brackets are also fitted for addition jerry cans for water or fuel.

Additional features: ARB front and rear diff locs, Fairy overdrive, Engine driven compressor with 20l air tank, Snorkel with cyclonic air intake, 200l diesel carrying capacity, 50l water tank

Land Rover Forward Control

Storage space
Low purchase cost
Cheap available spares
Caravan luxury
Comfortable off-road

Heavy & bulky
High fuel consumption
Slow on tar

See more - Forward Control off road
Overlanding with a Forward Control



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