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Land Rover Denmark have introduced a new Discovery 3 Camper model. The roof can be raised to increase head room for four standing adults. Standard equipment includes a picnic table with special seating for four and a small functional kitchen with gas stove and sink that conveniently folds away. The Discovery 3 camper is available in S, SE and HSE specification powered by either the 2.7liter turbo diesel or 4.4 liter V8!

It is a bit debatable as to whether or not this is a real camper conversion or just a super duper picnic vehicle. But it is definitely a great idea and a good start to kitting the new Disco out for overland travel. There definitely seems to be adequate space for these modifications and it looks really good. However a bed and some storage space would complete the package nicely.

An owner of one of these Discovery 3 camper coversions describes what it is like with a post on

My LR3 or Discovery 3 as they are called here in Denmark is one of these rebuilds it have the special roof, the zink and others. Actually it was sold by Land rover dealers but done by a local coach builder.

So why do we have a camper model in Denmark where the nearest house is no longer than 2 kilometers away ?? the answer is in the terrible taxes and fees we have on cars in Denmark. apart from enviromental fees we have a registration fee on 180 % on top of the retail price. just to paint the picture a new Range Rover would sold on the street for approximately 370.000 USD. Some vehicles are not included in this system, vans, 18 wheelers, recreational vehicles and few others, so in order to get a lower registration fee they did a camper model of most of the bigger SUV this way you could save app. 70.000 USD on the above model by carrying all the equipment at all times. Almost all bigger SUVs had this done in the years 2005 to 2010 where this was stopped by the government. of some i could mention LR3, Ranger Rover, Audi Q7, VW Touareg, and even MPVs like Chrysler Voyager and others.

So in order to answer your question. is it a camper or is a picnic vehicle. Well it is actually a day cruiser where you can sleep over. the zink is to be used with to plastic containers, one to carry water and one to contain the used water. and the setup with the table is done with some extra cushions. So my comment would be it is cool to use to sleep in if you are 2 people, but not for real use. By the way the table cannot be used while driving.

Discovery 3 pop up roof versions

It appears as though there are other versions of Discovery 3 and LR3 vehicles with pop up roof conversions. If you have owned or experienced any of these vehicles please mail us

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