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Land Rover Owners and their Landies


Land Rover Series 3 Stuck

The picture attached has a very simple story with a lesson. I did walk the obstacle prior to driving over it, While driving I decided to change "tracks" as the ruts looked a bit deep. What I found out later is that the muddy part was in fact a cement bridge which was covered in mud. As I moved out of the rut I drove off the side of the bridge. Recovery required two vehicles. One to keep me from falling over sideways & one to winch me out.

Sean Steyn, Johannesburg, Gauteng

Land Rover Defender Working in Kwa-Zulu Natal

My LR next to the wheel marks left by the truck that I had pulled out the night before. The truck was a Merc 2636 with a triaxle cane trailer with 20 tons of sugar cane on it. It was my first time to pull such a weight and I am happy to say that I have done it again! My LR and trailer near Kosi.

This trailer fall over took place close to Cwaka School, North of Empangeni. I stopped to engage diff lock in the mud but didn't quite come to a halt and the entire combination slid into a donga at the side of the track and over the trailer went. Fortunately the School is in the background (the cream & brown building) and I ran down there and the principal sent a class full of kids up to offload the trailer and push it back onto it's wheels.

David Coonan, Hillcrest, Kwazulu Natal


Range Rover Pushing the Limits

Andy Grafton, Cape Town

Land Rover Discovery Day to Day Travels

Some day to day roads that I traverse in the Discovery - Spikes Joubert, White River

Land Rover Series 2 1969 Rebuild

I am sending photos of my SII (1969 model as far as I know) that I am currently rebuilding. It uses to be a military vehicle but I stripped it down to the bone and I'm starting over from scratch. It use to have a 2.25 petrol engine but after I bought it, I blew the head gasket, opened it up, only to find that the cylinder head and engine block was cracked. So I am thinking of changing it to a 2.25 diesel - Corne Steyn, Centurion

Discovery in North Africa Deserts

We are a bunch of Brit expats, ( although, I am in the process of marrying a south African and moving to Mpumalanga.) who spend the winter weekends out and about in the desert. A few of the guys have just returned from a 7 day trip crossing the " rub al khali " or empty quarter, a huge expanse of desert only punctuated by the odd oil well and occasional fuel dump for the supply vehicles, ( they sell you fuel for 2 rand a litre, which is expensive for out here. There are old turkish forts, mastadon bones, meteorite craters and much more to explore, but a GPS, good tyres and sand ladders and a bit of experience are essential and of course one of solihuls finest! Just to really cheese you off you can pick up brand new 2 door disco's with a/c for 130 000 rand ( approx ) - Steve Doyle, North Africa


Land Rover Engines Working in Africa

Mike Ferguson, Mozambique Hennie Rautenbach, Zambia
Mike Ferguson took this pic of a generator mounted on the back of a D110 PUP. It has a hole cut in the floor of a TDI, and is running the hospital geberator. As I drove onto the small pontoon the guys in a longboat next to the pontoon shouted "Yeah Land Rover". I gave them the thumbs up and they smiled and shouted, "our Land Rover" and pointed to the inboard engine of the longboat. It was a 2.25 Land Rover engine. The guys at Solihull would have been proud.

Land Rover Defender Crash Wreck

Its My old Landy that Hit oil on the road from Richmond a few weeks ago and walked away from. Im happy to say that the Landrover insurance (Wescol) paid out , There service was excellent (Mrs Moolman,Durban) and I am now the proud owner of a TD5. WITH SEAT BELTS - Kevin, D110, Kwa-Zulu Natal.

Land Rover Series 1 109 in Good Condition

I have recently acquired a 109" Series 1 LWB Pick Up. It's bodywork is in fairly good condition with a galvanised firewall. It has been "upgraded" with a Salisbury rear axle and a Series 2 gearbox. - Marek,   Pietermaritzburg.

Series 1 and Range Rover in Sutherland Snow

Snow in Africa, Yeah right!!! Snow falls in the high lying areas as well as cold places like Sutherland, provide ample fun for Land Rover owners. These pics are courtesy of Piet Fourie.

Series 2A V6 SWB in Sand

Chris Mynhardt has a 3.0 Essex V6 in this short wheel base, he writes "What a transformation this Land Rover underwent. I could then pull a LR offroad trailer through the thick sand in Mozambique and maintain a cruising speed of around 100 kph with an fuel consumption of 6.5 km to the litre. The engine characteristics seems to suit the SWB very well and not enough power or torque is available to break anything on the series SWB with sensible driving."

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