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Overland Travel in Land Rovers

Overland travel, Land Rovers and Africa are synonymous, ask just about any person what overland vehicle they would identify with Africa, and the response more often than not would be Landrover. Ever since the very first overland expeditions under taken in a Land Rover Series 1 in 1950's the rest were bound to follow. These vehicles are still the vehicles of choice for trans African journeys and African exploration in general.

The requirements for an ideal overland vehicle have to be such that you can set out on an adventure in to the unknown and be able to emerge from the other side with your vehicle in tact. To do this it must be mechanically strong and spacious, capable of carrying all overlanding and expedition equipment and basic and functional with minimal complication that requires advanced equipment or know how for repair. The suitability of the Land Rover lies in the utilitarian construction which is both strong and functional and infinitely customisable. From a maintenance point of view they are generally easy to repair, especially earlier Series, Defender and Discovery vehicles, and availability of both knowledge and spares is good throughout Africa.

Overland equipment and preparation is just as important as the vehicle. There are many options available and they all depend on your expedition and travel goals and requirements. Purpose built overlanders offer the perfect mix of convenience, comfort and simplicity. However for many overlanding is not a full time occupation but a temporary escape from their day to day lives. So then you need to be able to modify your Land Rover by fitting expedition accessories and pack the camping essentials that will make your off road trip comfortable and memorable.

Overlanders have a whole community of their own, a group of people bound by the thrill of travel into remote areas in search of adventure and the unknown. Some will travel for years and months covering continents and countries overland. While others venture out for short trips into remote areas. Africa with its un developed infrastructure and rural landscapes is a perfect destination for the adventurous overland traveller.


Overland Vehicles, Planning and Preparation

Overlander and Expedition Land Rovers
Land Rovers make ideal overlander vehicles, like the Land Rover Series, Defender, Discovery or even the Range Rover. Custom fittings and conversions make overlanding comfortable and possible. 

Land Rover Series 2 Camper Rebuild
Series 2A 109 Camper

Safaris using Land Rovers

Overland Equipment, Planning & Preparation
Preparing for an overland trip involves servicing your overlanding vehicle and getting all the necessary camping and expedition equipment. Use a checklist to make sure that you pack everything and don't forget necessities.

Land Rover rentals  

Overlander Stories Trips and Routes

Kingsley Holgate Expeditions
Kingsly Holgate is a legendary South African adventurer who has undertaken many epic overland trips in Land Rovers
Kingsley Holgate Land Rovers
Outside Edge Expedition Convoy

African overland trips
1998 Cape to Cape in a Series 3
2000 Journal Overland in a D90
2001 Series 3  Kwetti goes South  2009 Around Africa in a


Overland Travels with Dipli
Jan and Leoné Vorster from South Africa travel around the World in an Overlander Land Rover Forward Control Series 2B

Overland Forum
For information related to overland travel in Africa as well as a forums for overland travelers and adventurers have a look at Overland Forum
Comprehensive list of past, present and future overland trips


Riff Raff Overland Expedition 2001

Thomas and Bridget did an Overland Expedition across Africa. "Nine months, twelve countries, the replacement of eighteen broken vehicle components, 6050 m difference in altitude and 38,000 kilometres: that maketh an Africa trip ..."

Overland trip - packing and insurance
Overland trip report Namibia - Kenya
Overland Trip report Ethiopia - Botswana

Overland Route Djibouti - Massawa

Overland Guide and Tips
Detailed travel information from their overland trip including  camping accommodation, Routes and Parks by country



Overland Africa Camping Accommodation
Find and book here

Off Road Overland Bookshop

Overland Travel Books and Maps
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